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Apr '06

About me

i’m harmless if you are 4-legged and furry or scaley.
however, if you are human, you might be up for a challenge.

I’ve been known to many by different names, depending on which phase of my life you’ve met me but most commonly known as Mia although i do respond to any of the following:

Angel, baby, bimbo, bitch, cupcakes, cutey, diva, energizerbunny, freak, gorgeous, goddess, joker, lian, prude, siao, slut, ugly, whore and the list goes on.

I’m 1.72m and i have a fear of heights. It’s difficult to look down at my toes sometimes.
I’ve single eye lids and i hate it, yet i love boys with small eyes.

email me@miatan.com if you really have something to say.

986 Responses to “About me”

  1. Adrian Says:

    Dear Ah Mia,

    You look like the kind of girl I’d want backing me up in a bar fight…

  2. Welles Tan Says:

    Hi Mia,

    Jus came across your blog. If you can email me abt youe contact, I ‘ll pass your contact to the event companies.

    Welles Tan

  3. Izyani Says:

    You look like a lumpy cow with yellow patchy skin :-)

  4. oda Says:

    Izyani stop being lame :)

  5. mia sux like hell Says:

    ugly faggot

  6. meow Says:

    mia’s not dat bad can? i’ve seen her real life before.. if pple not pretty how to me miss singapore lah..
    mia, remember u’ve held my dog before in a event on cny, n we had dinner?? haha..

  7. Anonymous Says:

    stop being childish lah…

  8. Ingrid Says:

    I really don’t think you’re pear shaped. In fact you look really nice and i feelt hat you’re blessed with an oriental beauty. Maybe it’s not the commonly perceived beauty, but it’s still beautiful. Anyways, you look like a real nice girl, not the typical popular kind of girl. And thumbs up to your posts about Xiaxue’s posts regarding the foreign workers and your responses to her defensive remarks about you.

  9. melmel Says:

    haha i think ur bimbotic but cute^^ especially with the curls. you should go for curls again! you look really elegant with them.


  10. minnie Says:

    hi , how can i be a model ?

  11. Me Myself Says:

    Dun hate ur single eye lids coz ur eyes look like JJ.. I’m craze for him.. Ur eyes r beautiful actually.. =)

  12. minnie Says:

    cause’ hey..if you can be one .. everybody can be..laughs!
    waddahell does the word model means man…!

  13. lmao Says:

    sia la. chiobu seh.
    i wonder how many mirrors you’ve cracked by just looking into them.
    Please, stop bringing Wendy up in your posts, it merely shows how jealous you are of her.
    She, on the other hand, only posted a single post about you.
    Are you a little TOO obsessed over her? It freaks people out, you know.
    Someone please tell me that you ain’t lesbian, cause being one isn’t widely accepted in Singapore, you know.

  14. Richie Rich Says:

    Though I enjoy watching GOL but. I still favors u in terms of ur point.
    Not that I dislike XX but she talk like a bimbo.
    U go gurl

  15. Chloe Says:

    Hi Mia,

    I am scouting for an emcee for an upcomign PR event. Can you get in touch with me and send me your CV. Need to know your height too. Drop me an email soonest. Thanks.

  16. Nicole Says:

    Well, honestly your eyebrows are too far apart from your eyes

  17. Cassie Says:

    If all models looked like you, no one would ever attend fashion shows again.


  18. kattie Says:

    Cassie well said!

  19. D A K O T A Says:

    I LINKED YOU! :)

  20. meow Says:

    hi mia. stay pretty :D

  21. James Says:

    Hello everyone.

    I’m a gigolo who wishes to offer his service to all ladies who read this.

    My rates are negotiable.


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  24. Ru'One Says:

    You’re a bamboo stick and at the same time my house lack of bamboo stick to hang my clothes :( . No money buy oh .
    You think you’re very pretty but YUCK , maybe plastic surgery looks veryverybery good on you girl . And xiaxue definitely is more COOLER than you manzxzx . Bye !
    C’mon , wanna sue me put me on newspaper? Until you find my name , toodles!

  25. Tynie :D Says:

    And I disagree with XX, your eyes not only can fit 3 more eyes, can fit a thousand more la.
    No, plastic surgery also cannot help la. :O
    Not bamboo stick, satay stick. No la needle best.
    You like small eyed boys but they don’t like you, how?
    Anyone who calls you cutie.diva or whatever is blind.
    Xiaxue is funnier, cooler and much more real than you.
    Oh and plus, her comebacks are cooler.
    Remember GOL! :D


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