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Dec '06

My Videos

6 Responses to “My Videos”

  1. Mia is bitch Says:

    wah…beh tahan to u ar…

  2. CIA Says:

    I see alot of XiaShui cronnies on your site out to defame you lol… just laugh it off.

  3. Bertrand Says:

    Nice vids, I will take you over Wendy anyday. Nice blog.

  4. rekker Says:

    holy crap.. you have a hot bod..

  5. Cassie Says:

    I think you’d look alright with a paperbag over your head.

  6. Holycow Says:

    Are u seriously a model and at the same time a beauty pagent title holder? Gosh…i have nothing against ou but u sure definitely do not meet the standards. But i have to admit i admire your courage to take on the challenge even when you not up to it.

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