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Nov '06

my own set of wheels

Just got home on bus 77 from Holland Road.

When i boarded, the entire bus was empty!!

It feels just like my own private limousine.

Speaking of which, i’ve always wanted a set of wheels for my birthday.

(side track abit, HAPPPPPEEEEE BIRTHDAAAAY KELVIN!!!!! the sexy devil he is.)

When i was 18, i wished i had a boyfriend who’ll give me a car as a birthday present.

When i turned 21, i didn’t even have a license yet. Nor a boyfriend.

Now i’m turning 26 in couple more days, this time with a license, I AM FINALLY GETTING A SET OF WHEELS!!

It’s gonna be MANUAL.
Manual is the way to go. With the gears change and all. Better control. Better gauge.

It will be a rear wheel drive.

It’s durable for long haul cross country.

I can use it on a track.

AND it’s a BM.

The signature Z series.


Well, at least it’s a start. BMX will graduate to a BMW soon. Soon lah.

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  1. wy Says:



    hope you get your BM soon.=p!

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