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Nov '06

Crazy Taxi

I think driving around in your car for 8 hours a day must do wonders to your wisdom.
There’s time to contemplate about life, its driving force and direction, kinda like a taxi ride.

Thus, always heed the taxi driver’s advice!

Coming in to work this morning, i flagged a cab from my place and directed the driver to Neil Road.

“Ah you going there for mahjong ah?”

huh? er. i don’t know how to play mahjong and it’s abit early right? And there got mahjong meh?

“Uncle, no leh. i going there for work lah.”

“Orrrrh, go work ah? good good but don’t work too hard ok?”

Sure i’ll try not to!

“Ah you just find yourself a good man, marry him settle down then no need to work liao lah.”

He spoke almost as if a good man who can afford to support a princess is as common as the Aedes mosquito.

Bite me.

4 Responses to “Crazy Taxi”

  1. uglyfatchick Says:


  2. oda Says:


  3. kennysia Says:

    heh. Do they sell “good men” in NTUC or something?

  4. Phoenix Says:

    Bite where ? :P

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