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Oct '06

Turkish Air TK 1476 Hijack Part 3


We exited the plane orderly, taking with us our hand luggage.

As i looked out of the cabin door, i saw lots of police cars and fire trucks.
They were all prepared to “clean up the mess” should anything happen.

We went through security checks, our bags were all opened, body searched before we were allowed to board a bus to take us to the transit lounge.


At the lounge, there were food and drinks provided and we grabbed it like we haven’t eaten in days. However, none of us really had the appetite to eat.

There was alot of activity going on, lots of Italian police, going around questioning people. We were also brought to a small room where we had our baggages checked again and questioned about where we were headed and what were we doing in Albania etc.


Lots of waiting around, the police are still circling us, people were trying to get some sleep and the “health problem” Albanian fella just wouldn’t let up on the fact that “(he’s) an American citizen! I need to speak with the American embassy! I will sue your airport and the airline if i don’t get to make the call!”

Geez. The Italia Policia obviously got sick of his constant reminders that he’s an AMERICAN CITIZEN, so they curtly replied “Sir, you can call your embassy and do what you want, but now this is all we can do for you.”

Well done. I was getting so annoyed myself, i imagined walking up to him and tearing his passport up.



Our passports were taken from us when we first arrived and we still haven’t gotten them back. We have already missed our connecting flight home to Singapore at midnight, so everything seemed really bleak. The waiting was actually quite draining.


We were told that a new plane have been waiting to take us since midnight but the Italian police wanted to be really secure, that’s why we were all held behind. We were then brought to claim our luggages from the belt and everything was opened up for checks again.


We finally boarded our flight back to Istanbul and it felt almost a little eerie to be back into cabin space.



This time, we tried to catch as much sleep as we can in the 1.5hr flight.



It was as beautiful as i remembered it to be when i first arrived at Istanbul airport on my way to albania. I love airports in the morning. There’s something so fresh yet so sad about it.

Except that this time, there’s also a sense of insecurity when the arrival hall is lined with more police.

Once again, our passports were taken from us and flight details are recorded to arrange for new transit flights home.


We were allowed to leave to claim our baggage but we were mobbed by the press the moment we stepped out.
There were HUNDREDS of cameras, microphones, flashes going off like a tropical thunderstorm, everyone’s talking at the same time!

“Tell us about the hijack!”
“How did you feel?”
“Did you see the hijacker?”

Firstly, it’s a 16 hour ordeal, secondly, of course feel scared la. Thirdly, i saw the hijacker and thought he was a technician and lastly, NO I DO NOT HAVE ANY FOOTAGE.
It would be absolutely stupid of me if i said i had footage cause i’m pretty sure, the press would be crazy enough to snatch my bags and luggage.

“Oh why no footage! They are paying 5000USD per minute!”

right. no electronic devices on board remember?

By now, we’ve lost the guide who was supposed to take us to luggage, all thanks to the mobs of press who cut us off.
(this also explains why the published pictures of us at the airport have us looking so pissed and tired)


Arrived at the hotel arranged to put us up til our transit flight home tonight at 1150pm. Got our rooms and we hurriedly went to change for lunch.


After lunch, we did a quick wash up and there’s no time to lose! Dinner is at 8pm and our bus which takes us from the hotel to the airport leaves at 830PM so that only leaves us 4 hours of sightseeing!
Armed with information from the concierge, the 3 of us set out in a taxi to roam the streets of Istanbul!!

(note: none of us had any sleep from the morning of the 3rd til the midnight of the 5th when our flight is finally homeward bound)

1288 Responses to “Turkish Air TK 1476 Hijack Part 3”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Luckily u alrite la. Otherwise i wouldn’t get a chance to read all this interesting post of yours. Thanks!

  2. sheryl, brunei. Says:

    wow.. interesting. heh :)

  3. jo Says:

    eh how come u scared still got time 2 smile & pose with police officer?????!!!

  4. oda Says:

    she very free thats why ahaha… glad u r ok mia *hug* :D

  5. javaongsan Says:

    wow!!! 5000USD per minute for footage. invest in a good plastic spy cam. might come in handy next time

  6. javier Says:

    are you a bimbo or what?? you have so many videos yet you say you have no footage?? i can’t believe it!

  7. amos Says:

    Glad everything turned out alright.
    Must had been quite an experience for a beauty queen…

  8. wilson Says:

    you’re pretty ugly for a beauty pageant. you didnt win right?

  9. Disco Jamie Says:

    And yes WE WERE the best 3!
    Hi Mia! I miss you!
    Havent updated my blog though coz im catching up at work! Missed A LOT!

    Keep me posted, and dont forget to add me up in your friendster accnt!

    Love it!

  10. Vandalin Says:

    A true blogger. Get involved in a hostage situation, and the most important thing is the digital camera.

    I reckon if there was internet, you’d have posted the proceedings up online as well. Heh.

    Not bad gal, not bad at all.

  11. Vagus Says:

    Thank goodness you’re back safe & sound.
    Must have been pretty exciting.

  12. Broken Rubber Says:

    Thats quite a thrilling adventure you got there. Its a good thing you are safely back at home and did not end up as burnt meat in the middle of some buildings.

  13. lilly Says:

    I agree with Wilson. You’re not that pretty! And you speak funny. It’s a miracle you’re Miss Singapore.

  14. anonymous Says:

    LOL…are you telling me,lilly that u are prettier?LOL…..

  15. Broken Rubber Says:

    No Picture No Talk!!

  16. feet Says:

    at least u have company…could have been worst..
    btw, just curious..how long did u hold your pee during the ordeal?

  17. Anonymous Says:

    you’ve got hijacked and yet you can still smile and take picture with someone not very handsome… *roll eyes*

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