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Oct '06

Turkish Air TK 1476 Hijack Part 1


Miss Philippines Jamie just SMSed me.

“Hey Mia! I just got home! Had to check into a hotel for 2 days to accomodate the press. Feels so good to be home at last! I want to thank you so much for everything! I’ll c u soon! Love it!”

Woah. The Philippines Press must have had a media feeding frenzy over her.
I, on the other hand, am surprised that NONE of the local press asked me for a 1st hand account or a timeline of the whole incident!
They asked how we felt, what thoughts went through our mind but no one was really interested in the actual happenings.

So here i am, gonna blog it out.

Coz like i’ve always said, I AM MY OWN PAPARAZZI and over here, the words come out just the way i would have liked them to be written.


October 3rd 2006 Tues

Jamie, Angie and I shared a room with QQ (taiwan) and we woke up 8am, eager to get the most out of our last day in Albania. Shopping for souvenirs was the first thing on our minds and the only shop we found after 15minutes of walking was the Supermarket.

Stocked up on chocolates and cigarettes, we made our way back to the hotel for final goodbyes.

QQ was at the brink of breakdown when we were leaving, for her flight home was another 2 torturous days later.

I fought back tears until i saw Laura (Italy) crying. She was a tough Da Jie Da figure to me and to see her crying broke my dams.

(both are laura. Laura from Italy and Laura from Hungary, and pronounced LAU RA not LOR RA) 


I sobbed so hard  when Olga (Russia) came running over for farewell. She is the reigning queen in my heart and i’ve always told her so.

As the cars took us away from our new found friends, we were saddened by the departure but oh so looking forward to being home.


12pm noon

Arriving at Mother Theresa airport in Tirana, we were unceremoniously “dumped” at the entrance. No one from the organisation helped us with luggage, check-in or translation. What a vast difference from the VIP welcome we had when we first arrived. BAH.

Wang Cui (China), Diana (Romania), Laura (Hungary) and her manager, were along with us as our flights were at 2.30pm, 3.30pm and 4.30pm

We bought some souvenirs at the miserable 5 duty free shops there and waited in the departure lounge. TK 1476 was due for takeoff at 3.30pm. As the minutes went by, we wondered why the boarding gates were still not open.

Laura and Diana came over after their check-in for the 4.30pm flight and were surprised to see us still waiting.



We learnt that the plane was delayed due to technical problems when the boarding gates finally opened and we waved byes to Laura and Diana.




TAKEOFF!! HOME is just another 15 hours away!!



PA: This is your captain speaking. Due to technical problems, we have to make a landing in Italy. We should be arriving in another 20 minutes. Thank you.

That’s when our hearts sank. No, not another delay. We just want to get home!

And if there’s one thing i’ve benefitted from pageants, my geography got a whole lot better.

Here we are, headed for Istanbul, Turkey. However, we are stopping at Miss Italy’s home, which is in the opposite direction, for technical repairs?

Doesn’t quite make sense.
Unless they are seeking the Formula1 Ferrari team to fix the plane………



(stay tuned for more exciting updates, including FOOTAGE from the flight.)

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  1. uglyfatchick Says:

    you get to meet so many new friends..

  2. a_x Says:

    And to think how the stories differ from what Ms. Malaysia said vs. Philippines. >

  3. zoe Says:

    Who won?

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