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Sep '06

i miss home

please let me go home.

it’s 2am here in Saranda, South Albania.

After a full day of rehearsals, they brought us to partee, (YET AGAIN) from 11pm til now. Rehearsals start tomorrow at 9am.

I am not happy here.

nope. not one bit.

the crew is rude, expects us to listen but never listens to us. made to wake up early and sit and wait in the lobby for hours.
food is salad soup meat chop/pasta cheese. and it repeats itself everyday, 2 meals a day for 3 weeks.
No shopping, no souvenirs, sorry people if u were expecting gifts. zilch.
I’ve been made to party no less than 10 times since we got here. It is insane. I am tired. worn out.

i cant smile.

there’s no reason to smile.

please. just let me go home.

i’ve never missed home so much. my parents nagging, Gene’s bragging, girlfriend’s bitching.

im crying here alone in the business centre as i write this. fuck the mascara. the pageant is in 2 days.

everyday i count down to the day i can bid farewell.

Im coming home soon!



14 Responses to “i miss home”

  1. jac00 Says:

    Heh hang in there girl…we are all waiting here for you to come home. Singapore food is still the best. =P
    Thank God you are not living there.

  2. valerie Says:

    hey i seldom come here, but i’ve experienced homesickness like yours too.. it’ll be over! stay happy alright. know that you’re missed.

  3. Christopher Says:

    Hi Mia, I know where the pain is coming from. Had that feeling several times. Screaming on the inside, wanting to come home, just the feel of Changi Airport carpet will do wonders to your nerves. That is why they say there is no place like home. Hang in there and dont forget to keep your head down. The next time you open your eyes, you will hear the familiar sound of “Welcome to Singapore Changi Airport, the weather outside is about 32 degress, if you need help to transit please dont hesitate to approach our ground staff…” Take it easy girl, Cheers

  4. kennysia Says:

    Babe! I heard your plane was hijacked!

    Are you ok?

  5. Long long Says:

    Once again mia tan is in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. And the laughing stock of Singapore once again. Relating your ordeal to the new paper? When you never even knew your plane was hijacked? Sheesh.

  6. nal Says:

    omgosh are you okay? hurry up blog.. so at least singapore knows you’re safe.

  7. Adrian C Says:

    yeah mia. heard u kena hijack! and malaysian papers spelt your name as MIG tan. wtf. MIG … like a russian fighter jet. who the hell has a name of MIG???? idiots.

  8. javaongsan Says:

    Yup u r so famous we used your article i our coaching class…today!!!

  9. kin poo Says:

    hope you are alright. take a good rest and don’t think of it anymore…

  10. Fishball Says:

    at least now u r back home safely le. finally! do rest well 1st b4 we meetz up for makans! ;p

  11. Jaclyn Says:

    Heh sorry to hear abt your hijacking thing sia.
    Suay things comes in packages….
    glad u are home safe.=)
    Thank God

  12. juang Says:

    welcome home. =)

  13. masterkenzo Says:

    obviously you don have wat it takes to participate in a beauty pageant…WHINER….whine, whine whine,…. wat do u expect? a bunch of young, handsome ,muscular, naked, and oiled up butler to be at your service all the time you’re there? grow up, girl…

  14. Mick Says:

    Parties can become so extremely wearisome, can’t they?

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