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Sep '06

I’m leaving on Turkish Air

There’s been some last minute changes to my flight so i’m flying off wednesday night (instead of scheduled fri) 13th sept 11pm to Albania for Miss Globe Int’l pageant.
yes yes another one of them world peace waving blowing kisses thing.

where’s albania you-who-fall-asleep-in-geography-class ask?

i don’t blame you. i had no idea where estonia was when i first met Ms Estonia at the airport.

Before you call me a pageant addict, let me just say that it’s not as easy as it seem on teevee.
And i do love being an ambassador for Singapore.

I hope the girls i meet this time around are as sincere and lovely as those i’ve met in Wuhan.

I’ve had the privilege of loaning two dresses from Astonii, Jackie who owns the place, brings in branded clothes from Milan and Hongkong, sometimes even way before their season.
So if you are keen to see some of the clothes, head down to Novena, United Square #B1-63A

These last couple weeks haven’t been kind to me, and i seem to have lost my zest and bubbles. I didn’t know how bad it was till friends are telling me they are affected by it.
Hopefully this trip will put the spring back in my steps and the chirp back in my voice.

All my bags half packed, i dont want to go.
I’m sitting here in front of my comp.
I hate to nudge you just to say good bye.

But the bulletin is flooded and
The blog site is never read
Already i’ve run out of words to write.

So miss me and smile for me
Spend your everyday wisely
I’ll be home in 3 weeks
You shall see.

Coz i’m leaving on Turkish Air
12 boring hours and transit there.
Oh sian, i hate to fly.

5 Responses to “I’m leaving on Turkish Air”

  1. kennysia Says:

    Hey babe, sorry I haven’t be coming online much. But you’ll do well in Albania I’m sure.

    Take care of yourself yea? *hugs*

  2. commenter Says:

    ur pussy must taste good. not gona follow tis up.

  3. boon Says:

    come on, what’s up with comments like this? She has the chance to try something which 99.99% of us would never have, let’s just wish her the best lah.

  4. Qiqi Says:

    hey gal, good luck and best of all for your trips!!! ;p

  5. Mick Says:

    Phew. I’m glad you’re alright after the hijaking ordeal :)

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