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Sep '06

I’m so sorry, Steve


On Sunday night, me and gene were feasting on late night supper of maggi goreng and nasi ayam. There was absoluetly nothing good on teevee in the wee hours of early monday morning, so i was channel surfing and ended up on one of my favorite channels, Animal Planet.

I figured if i can’t host for Discovery Travel, Animal planet would be 2nd best.

Steve Irwin was “fooling around” with a black colored, supposedly very venomous, snake.

“I cant stand him leh. The way he speaks is so annoying and his exaggerated facial expressions is so fake. Sometimes i don’t know if he’s really afraid of the animal or just mock fear. Buay tahan. Like no respect for these living fossils.
I hope he kena bitten jia lat jia lat someday.”

That was what i said in jest.

And the very next day, Steve Irwin died from a sting-ray barb that pierced its toxin filled tail through his heart.

I’m so sorry. I didn’t think it would be that jia lat.

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