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Sep '06

The story of Chang-er


In true spirit of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, one of my favorite TV spooks, i make up stories along the way about certain facts of life and try to pull the wool over my friends’ eyes.

One of the following stories is true, the rest are made up by me lah.


Story #1:

Long before our time, in the far province of Thailand, there lived a wilful princess. Her name was CHANG.
She had a blessed life in the palace, got everything she demanded and was rude to everyone.
The common folks despised her for there was once she held a man captive to serve her, regardless of his pleading wife and children.

So, they approached a divine master to cast a strong spell on this princess. It was a complicated ritual as the royal family themselves, were said to be protected by the heavens.

However, the stars were on their side, and the wilful princess Chang was transformed to a huge, lumbering elephant.

To this day, the Thai people still rememeber this story by having their national beer named after the wilful princess.



Story #2:

Long before our time, in some province of China, there lived a wilful king. He was as arrogant as any king should be. Believing he ruled the earth, conquered the seas and owned the skies, he wanted to live forever.

So he sent his scientists and pharmacists to research on an immortality medicine.

News of this eminent project spread far and wide, casuing much fear amongst the plebians.

If the tyrant king lived forever, then everyone would suffer!

At this time, the King’s wife, Changer, was a beautiful and compassionate lady. She knew it would be living hell for the people should the King live forever!

One sunny day, an official ran to the King shouting that an elixir is produced and the King demanded to consume it that night.

Chang Er, overhearing this, planned to steal the elixir before it can be presented to the King.

After sundown, she sneaked into the imperial medicinal hall and searched frantically for the pill. Just as she found it, the officials entered the hall so she quickly swallowed it.

The King was very angry when he found out and ordered Chang Er to be killed. She ran as fast as she could and suddenly, she couldn’t feel the ground anymore! 

She started floating towards the sky and the full moon!

In this modern day, we still remember Chang Er and her brave deed during the mid autumn night’s dream, chomping down on our mooncakes.



Story #3

Long before our time, in the only province of Lithuania, there lived 3 girls.

Chang, Chang-er and Chang-est

Chang-er, not happy with being 2nd best nor 2nd last, lived in complete misery. Everyday she wished she could get away and not be compared with her other sisters.

So she called the FedEx guy and had herself shipped to Siberia with a budgie in the crate for company, where she can live in total isolation and be the best there ever will be.


The End.

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