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Aug '06

VJ Utt has a crush on me

Shameless but true.

Dee, Hwee, Shaun and I were shopping at Paragon yesterday.

We saw VJ Utt, cute as can be, wearing a cap and window shopping.

The two girls went all giggly and started running away, hiding in nooks and cranny, playing hide and seek with their imaginary friend.

It was quite embarassing as i watched from behind a wall, the 2 of them scuttering past Hugo Boss.

Later when i found them at Guess boutique in the other wing, Utt walked past AGAIN.

Has he been following us?!

And this morning, i left my house in a rush, heading for a casting and right as i turned the corner of my street, there he was AGAIN, sitting at the chee cheong fun stall outside my home.

Stalker. Geez. I’ll never date you ok? Get over it.

13 Responses to “VJ Utt has a crush on me”

  1. shu Says:

    omg! so coincidental! he has a crush on you? you wish.

  2. Lynn Says:

    Shameless? So true.

  3. Observer Says:

    I left a comment previously asking you to stop living in your delusional world. Why did you delete it?

  4. haha Says:

    no la, i think he goes for hot girls, so don’t worry. he’s not interested.

  5. noob Says:

    isn’t he gay?

  6. leo-chan Says:

    so fulll of yourself =)

  7. u.r.fugly Says:

    U are so YUCKY & FUGLY…BE CONSIDERATE… Pls dun make other ppl puke.

  8. u r cheap Says:

    OMG….. look urself at the mirror… ugly bitch

  9. anon Says:


    You were stalking him and made it out to be the opposite.

    Nice on mia. Nice one.

  10. miatan » Blog Archive » aiyo… 好帅哦 Says:

    […] he is soooo cute. looks like a more asiani-sed version of UTT (who has a crush on me). […]

  11. pls lah Says:

    aiya, pls la ppl. give her a break.. she dint say she was pretty or anything… im sure this a just a joke.. also, not all guys are superficial and shallow la.

  12. i dunnnooooo Says:

    is he gay?

  13. CHOCOLATE Says:

    I think so…there has been rumors that he was seen in a gay bar….CRAZY MUCH ?..

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