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Oct '05


Life is a little bittersweet for me.

Kinda like my favorite chips, the Belinjo nuts, salty and sweet with a tantalizing bitter taste.

Life after the pageant has been hectic. Fitting of gowns, getting visa, collecting air tickets…

Given only 2 weeks of notice to prepare for my trip to China, i was a wreck.

I’ve only been to HongKong and Shenzhen! I don’t even qualify for a visa!

But this time round, i’m going for 3 weeks, to Beijing, WuHan, ChangSha, to participate in Miss Tourism Queen of the Year.


Running around getting my gowns and national costumes, trying to borrow some decent cocktail dresses from designers and making the mistake of going to the China Embassy on Monday, the very first opening day after their Golden Week holiday.

I had a number tag of 758, and they were just attending to 480.

Believe me, it was packed. With mostly Chinese and the odd AngMoh or Indian.

I asked philip (dude) and yoke ching (lagoon) if i could have a phone to take with me to china so i can 3G and moblog the international pageant for you guys, well, despite Singtel being such a big badaboom, they don’t have a spare phone and i wasn’t granted the backup i needed.
Oh well. Shawn was right.

Being one of MoBlog’s oldest active blogger (and farahrri!), I’ll have to disappoint the MB community (lack of updates for the next 3 weeks!) cause I was let down by MB itself.

Anyway, why life is bittersweet. Because, when things don’t come, they don’t come at all.
When they do, they come all together.

Arrived at Mediacorp at 1130am. Then at 12, they announced it was lunch break. Called Edwin to let me in to the canteen so i changed my i/c at the reception.

1pm lunch break was over, we were sent to a studio to register. I was supposed to be 3311, but i had to go back to reception to get my i/c! so I ended up 3327.
I slumped in a chair at the back row and tried to sleep despite the bright studio lights.

Then i felt shadows being cast on me. I opened my eyes and had a mike thrust in my face.

You sleeping means you are very confident of the audition right?”

Er no…i’m just very tired.

“Do you have any secret to prepare yourself for this contest?”

Er no..i just take it as it comes.

“So what motivates you to join this?”

Coz i like 徐乃鳞 and he’s going to be coaching the people so i really want to learn from him.

Waited and chatted with two girls…..saw a guy with W magazine and he must have seen me staring at the book, he offered me a read and the start of a friendship.

Klintonn is a freelance designer who just returned from taiwan!

And while waiting, they played a marathon hosting game. So this guy in a cap was called to go up. As he ran past me in the aisle, he waved at me.

Damn, he looked familiar. Where did i see him?

Then it struck.


HE”S HERE!!!!!!

Ok, don’t ask me why but i have a thing for skinny guys in specs.

That made me sit up.

And i hung onto every single word he said.
Boy, did he talk. Having met him 3 times at the makeup unit, we never spoke more than 3 lines, and here he was on stage, talking like a veteran host.

For the first time, i got his name. Bryan. Aww.
And when he got off stage, i went to talk with him. Apparently he’s a part-timer so he’s still allowed to join. Amidst our banter, i heard my name.

“Mia come on stage leh. Mia come host with me.”

Then i saw Richel on stage!!


So i had to go up and banter with him, make some jokes, entertain the crowd of auditionees and then i was back to more waiting….and waiting…….

And waiting……..

*insert images of spiderwebs, dust, cracked furniture*

And then at 6pm! We had a break for dinner.

Told to come back at 645pm.

And i’ll be the first group to go after our meal.

*fast foward mia tucking into super oily fried chicken wing*

With an oily mouth and all, we were quickly ushered into the audition room and i’m FIRST TO GO.

Ok now panic starts to set in.
I learnt that my group is getting judged by Bryan Wong, whom i heard is very strict and very cynical towards the contestants. And most of the selected actually came from Kym Ng’s group, who is definitely more lenient.

So jittery i went in.
There he was, seated, flanked by two female colleagues. And then there was the cameramen, sound men, this that who what in the room.
Walk to the T, introduced myself and launched into my presentation.

(note: all these were done in mandarin but translated to English for easy reading and blogging.)

After saying my name, i said I’m a model and i don’t have alot of talents so therefore i’m just goin to do a brief intro on catwalking.
“Artistes must have poise, and catwalk is very important because even on 吴宗宪 Jacky Wu’s hosting show, he will always ‘comerr someeer meeew sic’ and ask the girls to do a walk.”
I thought i heard them snigger.
Recalling what Sara told me 3 weeks ago, i said “Upperbody, you must be like a puppet.”
*insert mia doing some Michael Jackson Puppetry dance move*
“Imagine someone pulling you on a string and making you stand up tall and strong. That way you look taller and SKINNIER, which is very important.

Then you have to push your shoulders back because they want to see the arch of your back. Hold your head high but not proud.”
“Then the lower body, you imagine a straight line in front of you and you can either walk the line or cross walk the line. But the most important thing lies here.”

*mia points to her hip bones*
“Do you know what these two are?” i asked around the room.
Everyone waited with bated breath for the secret.
“They are the HIP BONES!” i exclaimed, coupling the “hip” with the hand action that P. Daddy likes to do. those bling bling hiphop hand gesture peace sign.
Bryan then turned to one of the girls and said “waaah i didn’t know that’s the hip bones leh!”
They laughed and laughed.

So then i continued and said, “Know why they are called HIP BONES?” *hiphop hand sign*

Coz they are HIP!!
I thought i saw him roll his eyes.
“And this hip bones will 带动亚洲流行” because you need it to guide you forward to give you that sexy catwalk sway.”
Then bryan say “Next time Channel U = HIP BONES”
They laughed laughed.
And came judgement time.
Bryan: Your topic is very refreshing. I’ve been here all day and your topic is different and entertaining.

Lady on his right: Confident and 台风很稳

Lady on his left : I think you are more suited for MTV leh.

Mia: huh really? Coz i can 自导自演 right?

They laughed and nodded in agreement.

Lady on his left: Did you learn makeup?

Mia: no not really, just steal lessons from makeup artists during shows.”

Bryan: yup coz you have single eyelids so you need to learn to brighten up your features. Coz now you look very grimey and your sweater color don’t suit your tan.

Mia: okies i will learn! I brought sweater coz 8 hours of waiting in the studio is very cold.

Bryan: Ok you’ve passed!

*hits buzzer and green light*
YAY!!! I went over to collect my “pass card” from him and he said i should be very happy coz less than 10 cards have been given out today.

After that i had another interview about my feelings etcetc but it’s a little bittersweet cause i won’t be in singapore for Round 2…… =(
I’m glad that at least, i made an impression and they were slightly entertained through the day of bad jokes and auditionees.

Till next time, this is all the reading material you are gonna get.

Jo: If you’ve read this, wait till you meet me later in the evening then i can do the actions for you. I heard a very good joke, i wanna show you!

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