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Oct '05

News from Miss Tourism Queen of the Year China

It’s been a hectic time so far, up and down buses.

First day I arrived and met Etsonia at the airport. Lunch was an elaborate spread, appx 10 dishes with Ms Cambodia and the crew at the Chinese Resort we stayed, 300 Miles, where they plant their own crops for food.

What i didnt realise was that the meals everyday were going to be all FEASTING!
After resting, our 2nd day, we went to an Underground City which was built for housing civilians in case of war/nuclear attack. It was pretty claustrophobic.

Then we proceeded to Dr. Tea, the biggest teahouse in beijiong and tried the different expensive teas!!


The 3rd day we went to the GREAT WALL of CHINA which was 2 hour jam-on-the-road-with-a-lot-of-horning ride!

We didnt even get to spend more than 40 minutes there because we were late for the next destination.

Good thing was, we managed to get a good foot massage in the afternoon.
We had a farewell dinner and then it was on to the bunker train to WUHAN!

We boarded at 9pm and arrived around 7am. Had a pretty good sleep, bunking in with KOrea, Malaysia and taiwan.

We just arrived at Wuhan which is EQUALLY COLD as beijing even though it’s down south. It’s a full rest day and a welcome dinner tonight. The girls are hoping tomorrow’s a shopping day.

Till the next MMS, this is mia signing off at the RMB18/hr internet business centre at the hotel.



3 Responses to “News from Miss Tourism Queen of the Year China”

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  2. Anonymous Says:

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  3. Benjamin D Golimbi Says:

    Hi there!
    I think you are very fortunate to be with people around the globe for several days. You have probably made some comparison with your culture and so fort.

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