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Dec '05

Trip of China

please forgive me.

i haven’t blogged in a million years. I’m getting complaints!!

Jo, as usual, is having withdrawal symptoms coz i haven’t been writing.
Shu, is bugging me to write coz she wants to know what’s happening on this end of the world.
My cousin called me today out of the blue to tell me to blog coz she’s been reading nothing new.
Alritey, i’ve got so much to say but i don’t know where to start!

Oh the Catholic High dinner and dance that Gene hosted, (I was Vanna White), oh my gosh.

Boys prom nights are just SOOO DIFFERENT from girls’ prom night. Some came in Tshirt!!!!! They all need a David Gan.

And i was on stage to tease the boys as to their “pick-up” lines and Clarence, (refer MMS pic) said “If i weren’t gay, you’ll be my choice.”

In front of two tables of principals and teachers.


Did i also mention one boy came in a dress and stockings?
Okies, enough about that. FOTOS!!
(for the geographically challenged, please proceed with google maps as there will be many references to various countries)

I touched down in Beijing in the early morning. Beautiful. And awfully cold.

After an hour’s wait at the airport for Miss Malaysia, who didn’t board her flight in the end, we travelled another hour to the hotel resort with Miss Estonia.

This resort is on the outskirts of Beijing, used as a holiday getaway. There are no tall buildings and on the drive in, we are flanked by fields and fields of corn.

This was my first meal. I was amazed. more than 10 dishes. Woah.

I was happy to see ducks. Siao ah. Botanical gardens also have what.

Miss Cambodia, who later became really attached to me.

End of Day1 rest day.

(L-R: back: macau, canada, estonia, australia. front: russia, philippines, georgia, ethopia, korea, me and cambodia)

Early morning, we had to come down with our national costumes for some photo taking.

Then it’s time for SIGHTSEEEEING!!

First stop, Beijing underground city.

Built for nuclear attacks, it was extremely hush hush so i couldn’t take pictures inside. It was very deep, very cold.
At their souvenir section, they have silk pulling demostration.

Four women hold each corner of a piece of silk and pull together to make it a thin spread for the bed linen.

Then on the way back to the bus, i took some common street sights.

Then it was off to lucky tower! It is so called lucky tower because the corner is in the south east and during the olden times, it is considered the victory gate where warriors will ride through.

At the foot of the tower.

There, behind us, where the two walls meet, is where we relak one corner.

Took a nice shot of the train coming in from the top of the tower. The tracks are just next to it.

Off to a teahouse! Just like beer is water in Germany, tea is water here.

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    what country u came from? and what contest is it?

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