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Dec '05


We interrupt your daily reading to bring you a newsflash.

In the early hours of the morning today, at 2am, a Toyota Altis was involved in an accident with a taxi. The crash happened along Killiney Road, right outside Mitre Hotel.

Driver of the car, Mr Eugene Tay said, “I was indicating left to turn into Mitre Hotel, then the taxi came from the left, behind me and rammed into my front passenger door.”

The passenger door was damaged and couldn’t be closed. (beng kohk liao)

The taxi driver gave his side of the story, I saw him indicate right and i thought he was turning into the SPC petrol station, that’s why i tried to overtake him on the left.

Just who saw what? We asked an eyewitness who was staying at Killiney Apartments and she told us she saw the crash happen with her son.

There were broken headlight glass scattered on the road and long, dark skid marks leading from the nearby NTUC to the entrance of Mitre Hotel where the accident occured.

Your kaypoh reporter, Mia Tan, reporting live after returning from scene of crime.


Eh very cool leh u know. When i rushed to the scene, the police was already there. Got red blue lights flash flash flash.

“Is anyone injured?”    No.   “Is there any damage to government property?”    No.

Alright, there’s nothing we can do now. This is not a major accident so it is to be settled personally with the drivers and insurance company.”

Then the ambulance arrived.  *weeee ooooooh weeeeee ooooohh weeeeee ooooooohh weeeeeeep weep weep*

“Anybody injured?” the oh so cute paramedics rushed down like a knight in shining armour.
*mia quickly lies on the floor and begins flaring her arms around*
“No, no one’s injured.” replied the crisp policeman.   (crisp coz he looks yummy like crispy potato chips)

“Ok, good night.”
And then we had our first taste of presidency. The police car ESCORTED Gene’s Altis as he drove back to my place!
Ok lah, short distance but still! Cheap thrill.

Gene’s gone to see his precious car at the mechanic today.


Stay tuned for more updates.

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