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Feb '09

i almost forgot…

…I got something to say!

holy moly ive got 83,000 over spam comments held in moderation and several other hundred thousands that slipped thru the spam filter which i have to remove one by one.

Two things i want to say.

1. Happy 2009!!

2. My resolution for 2009 is to be like kennysia   

Ok, that has been my resolution ever since I’ve known his blog from the early days and I’ve always questioned him then, how does he maintain such a highly respectable, accepted, talked about, popular sensation of a blog without insulting people or posting half naked pictures of himself?

In 2005, I entertained a wild idea of going bald for cancer society’s drive.
People talked me out of it because, well, I was going to participate in international pageants and legend has it that winners have long barbie hair.

Then kennysia came along with his online donation drive and raised a whoooping 65K RM for Sarawak’s Children Cancer Society.
I can only wish, one day, I can influence like he.

3. I’ve been annoyed for a very long time. And trust me, I can be very tolerant.

But this I can no longer tolerate and if I don’t voice it out, I’ll suffer from internal injuries.

And now in the after spirit of Chinese New Year, I’ve decided to write between the lines.

We all go Chinese New Year visiting, from house to house, visiting relatives we only see once every year, just for the sake of getting some quick cash in the form of ang pows.

Some aunties live in a nice big house.

Some don’t.

Some are nice, some are not.

We like most, we don’t like a few.

But we accept them all the same, because we are a family, extended or near.

However, there are some people who insist their house is the best, the grandest, the only true form of how a house should be.
And they point out that everyone else’s house is just a shabby shack.

These very same people, because they are so hospitable and that their house is simply the best, love inviting others to visit their wonderful house, especially on weekends.

These people annoy me.
To no end.

Don’t get me wrong, I love getting invitations. It translates into popularity votes and free food.
But not on the pretense of inviting me to their beautiful house, they are actually saying that my house is not worth living in.

I just think, especially at this point in time, we all deserve some humane respect and personal space, in this overrun world.

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  1. vialentino Says:

    hey…good afternoon ….just drop by to visit u ….see yeah…happy that u make some donation

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