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Nov '08

today, i grew up.

okok i just got back from a whirlwind trip to Seoul then Hong Kong Macau and Shenzhen and have got lots of pix to upload!

but before all that, i wanna mark a very significant event in my life today.

from the time i can remember and comprehend things, i know my dad has always fetched me everywhere i go.
and i mean EVERYWHERE.

to and from school, to and fro tuition class, organ lessons, play dates, whatever whenever wherever.

and that was partly why i got nicknamed “princess” when i was much younger.

i took for granted, all these constant fetching, and whenever i got angry with my parents due to the stubborn teenage years, i would boycott the rides to demonstrate my independence, wake up super early at 6am just to take the bus to school.

my best friend shu is often the victim in such protests because she would also get up early and take the bus with me, in support of my rebellious cause.

but these protests often end very swiftly, with me caving in of course. who can resist the luxury of being chauffeured around?

my dad, having come from the property development industry, is always intrigued by things around him, especially buildings, decor and architecture.

he always laments that he cannot enjoy the view because he is always the driver.
he can’t look out of the windows and see the street sights, or admire the scenery because he is driving.
he’ll always say wait one day when i grow up i can drive him around then.

well….today is the day.

today and many days from henceforth.

i don’t know if they even realise it, but today is the first time that i’ve driven my parents anywhere, other than up the wall.

what was supposed to be a simple lunch at Samy’s Curry Fish Head @ Dempsey turned out to be a mini excursion to 2 of my favorite places in singapore.

i drove and picked mom and dad from home, took them for lunch, then we took a leisure drive to Michel’s joint, Prive at Keppel Island.

and along the way, my dad would point out certain landmarks, and talk to my mom who’s sitting in the backseat and admire the bridge linking Keppel Island to mainland Singapore, enjoying the view as i drove.

we had coffee (the angmoh kind not kopi) and carrot cake (also the angmoh kind not the black/white ones) at Prive, enjoying the seabreeze and late afternoon sun.

and we stopped by Hort Park for a leisurely stroll on the bridge before heading home.

then i had to introduce my favorite tze char place to them so we went for a wonderful dinner with my sister at Forture Seafood along Bt Timah, having my favorite salted egg crab, cereal prawns, tofu, kailan and hotplate maggi beef.

it was quite a sight having both my sister and dad giving me instructions on how to parallel park on a small side road.
it would probably be much easier if they got out of the car and stood by both sides of the road and act as my “parking poles”.

en route home, i drove down orchard road because i know my mom would want to see the christmas lights.
my dad has the habit of driving home via grange road river valley because of lesser traffic but my mom always chides him for not taking the orchard route, to experience the hustle and bustle that people from all over the world come to see.

so even though i was stuck in the “it’s a friday + christmas madness” traffic jam, it was all worth it.

to have my parents be able to admire the orchard christmas lights together, in the comfort of the car, with me driving them around the whole day, it is a humbling experience for me.

why couldn’t this day have come sooner?


37 Responses to “today, i grew up.”

  1. Ayyman R Says:

    Oh wow, it sounds interesting at Seoul and Hong Kong.

  2. Destinee Says:

    you must be a late bloomer or something.

  3. Sotongballz Says:

    well, its still nt too late. u can still cherish all e time from on onwards b4 u got married. at least u r more fortunate than i am. i now only can hav memories of my dad. sob. so cherish all e time babe. :)

  4. Char Says:

    That’s very sweet, Mia. I can relate to that but hey- I’m taking driving lessons now! heh. : D

  5. Зам Says:

    Пост понравился, пишите еще. Я с удовольствием прочту.

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