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Nov '08

Do you have a Seoul?

I’ll be going to Seoul on Sunday for a trade show.

This is a long story that has come in its own time.

Remember when I got hijacked?

Philip Baum, managing director and editor of an aviation security magazine, got in touch with me and wanted an account of my hijacking story.

We’ve been in touch ever since and whenever he’s in Singapore, we would catch up and one time, he even had me attend a self defense presentation he was giving to various airline personnel.

So next week, there is a conference in Seoul and he’s kindly asked if I would like to help him at his booth, managing subscriptions to his journals and promoting delegate placings at other conferences that he is organising.

There’s even one conference on disruptive passenger incidents (not just kena tio hijack, but also all passenger related incidents such as drunk passengers or “pig trotters hands” sexual abuse etc) in Istanbul by Turkish Airlines!

We are pretty sure with a real hijack victim at the stands, along with newspaper articles and the write up by HIS magazine will definitely garner alot of eyeballs and subscriptions!

And since this is my first trip to Seoul, I’ve called up Hye Jin who is Ms Korea!!!

Showing off her pink nails….

In full national costume get up…

Am hoping to meet up with her, however briefly, and maybe pass her some local pineapple tarts!

I am also aware that other than Kimchi, Korean Ginseng and Sochu, Seoul is also famous for their eyes and noses!

Perhaps I will come back looking from this…………..


to THIS!!



2 Responses to “Do you have a Seoul?”

  1. kennhyn Says:

    it sure is a good marketing plan….as people like to know in depth of the situation, as can actually saw the real person with real experience.

  2. nashty Says:

    Oh. I didn’t know you were in Smitten’s July issue. LOL.

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