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Oct '08

oh it is so beautiful!

Went shopping with Hwee today for a gown that she needed for a formal event end October.

I know it is my duty to pick out that PERFECT DRESS for her but I couldn’t resist picking out dresses for MYSELF TOO!!!

And we both fell in love with this Karen Millen dress!!!


And it’s got nice button detailings at the side!


The price tag? $729.
But got less 30% lah.
Still. Sigh.

5 Responses to “oh it is so beautiful!”

  1. Ju Ann Says:

    Hi Mia! I’m first time here. the dresss is very nice (and expensive). So did you buy it in the end? :)

  2. Jaslin Says:

    ARGH!!! i love tis dress oso! but its too ex liao lah!!!! sob

  3. yanz Says:

    gorgeous dress…something i’d never be able to afford, only admire from afar *drools at dress* =P

  4. rinaz Says:

    Beautiful dress. A tad bit pricey though.

    Actually I cant afford that … *cries*

  5. brittany Says:

    Gorgeous gorgeous dress…Well, did you buy in the end?

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