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Oct '08

breaking news: another turkish air hijack

CNN news reported that another Turkish airline is hijacked.
I quickly called Philip Baum, who is based in London and in charge of an aviation security journal. He is the man who was interviewed by CNN when my flight got hijacked becoz he is a specialist!!

And he gave me the scoop even before CNN reported it.
So this is first hand news you are getting.

The “hijacker” is a drunk passenger and was overwhelmed by fellow passengers !


One Response to “breaking news: another turkish air hijack”

  1. Deep Black Says:

    A drunk passenger? No big deal– whoop that ass and get back on with the in-flight movie. One of those adult beverage bottles wrapped in some hosiery from the attractive young woman in the next row will make a fine improvised cosh to do a drumroll on the knave’s head with.

    Seriously, there’s an opportunity to do your neck-break in a setting where you can actually justify and get away with it!

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