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Oct '08

World of Warcraft

A few posts ago, I wrote about gamers.

Now, I’m one of them.

Check out my super hot toon!


And my FIRST BG!


AND I CAPTURED A FLAG!! ME! A low level toon (compared to the other lao jiaos) up there with the big boys!

3 Responses to “World of Warcraft”

  1. jac00 Says:

    MIA! OH MY GOSH! WElcome to the WOW community!
    I just got hooked on it too! Except i have not venture into the world of battlegrounds as yet and i am just only lvl 50!
    Bt sadly i am playing in WOW europe, so not in the same server as sgp’s.
    But am so happy i am not alone! HAHhaa

  2. miatan Says:

    You know you are addicted when you start greeting people with “May the eternal sun shine upon you”.

    And just today, I turned the corner of a coffeeshop and about to walk to my friend’s restaurant just 20 yards away, I wish i could blink.

    What’s your nick!!
    We are on the american server Coilfang if we can play together!
    Where are u now anyways!

  3. Smellie Says:

    Eh, why you no wear pants? And yea, I’m truly glad that you’re onboard with us! How about naming your next toon “Cozzie”?

    Maybe you could influence my wife a little bit when she returns next year… :D

    Lok’Thar O’Gar!

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