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Oct '08

Australian Shepherds rule!

Cosworth is an Australian Shepherd.


He is handsome, smart, obedient and good natured.
Everything we girls love in a man.

I always feel that australian shepherds are underdogs, overshadowed by the other herding sheepdog breeds such as the collies, obviously popularised by Lassie.
But I like the kinder, rounded snouts Aussies have compared to the longish Collies face.
And to think it wasn’t recognised as a breed until in the recent decades.
Then WHAM!
It goes on to win a prestigious doggie contest and suddenly the whole world knows about them

And now Fedex uses a blue merle in its commercial.
Go get them boy!

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  1. miatan Says:

    jia lat. i accidentally deleted a comment again while clearing spam.

    thanks for liking the ad!

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