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Dec '05

China trip trilogy

After a super late night taking official photos, we woke super early for a press conference.

This was the dress i wore for the press. I like it alot!

Here’s datuk danny ooi, he’s the main guy behind this pageant.

Ok the next day.

I lost track liao lah.
We had rehearsal for the first time, coz Rafal finally arrived in Wuhan from another pageant.

So we had to bring our national costumes AGAIN, coz Rafal has to see us in them in order to co-ordinate us and divide the groups into “Can dance with costume & Cannot move at all with costume”

Fooling around before rehearsal.

L-R gorgeous ukraine behind, paraguay, s.africa, bolivia, mexico, spain, georgia, brazil on the lap.

Oei, tired of typing all the countries names, you read yourself lah.

In costume glamour.

L-R Macau, S.Africa, Cambodia, Hongkong, Korea, Ukraine, Kazakstan, Cyprus, Malaysia, Russia and Ethopia

whoever took this shot for me had shaky hands, blardee hell.

Miss Georgia with her BIG HAIR

Back at the restuarant where we had dinner for 5 days straight. The waitress is specially attached to me i don’t know why.

(L-R Portugal same birthday as me, Lithuania, Bosnia who’s middle name is Mia, and canada who reminds me of celine dion)

This dish made all the girls squeal and squirm. Turtles in sauce, not in sea.

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  1. alan Says:

    so cruel

  2. tiger river spa parts Says:

    tiger river spa parts…

    Thank you, I could not have sead it better my self….

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