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Aug '08

Day to day crimes

Today, i witnessed a crime being committed.

We drove into Johor Bahru to hang out with Andrew and ended up having a steamboat dinner, seated by the roadside where traffic was trickling by on the small lane, barely a meter away from us!
And right next to us was 姚玟隆 having dinner with his family!!

Waa people super star leh. So of course I kept turning back and staring like a typical star struck Singaporean.

Aiya super star also human wat. Still eat steamboat like us mah.

So whilst we were chatting about some imaginary hot chicks and I had my hands full of prawn shells, Andrew suddenly jumped up with such force, his chair almost toppled, he shouted and he attempted to stop a man riding by on a motorbike!

Initially I thought he met a friend passing by, but turned out the motorcyclist literally SNATCHED 姚玟隆’s wife’s handbag from her seat!

Andrew had seen the motorcyclist coming down the street and thought the guy was a little suspicious as he slowed down whilst approaching.
He had thought that the robber was a friend of theirs, coming to meet them for dinner.
It was only when he saw the robber snatch the bag, he quickly jumped up from his seat but the robber revved his bike and accelarated faster than I can say “Do you want any prawns?”

My very brave friend and 姚玟隆 jumped up and tried stop the robber but he rode off, leaving a trail of dust nestled in our soup.

I was quite shaken after that.
She was robbed point blank, an arm’s length away from me and it all happened so fast, no one had time to react or even note down the license number.

I never thought it would really happen, despite having seen reported stories of blatant robberies being committed in Johor Bahru.
I was always cautioned about watching my bags, keeping it slung on the arm that is furthur from the curb and to walk along the pavement against traffic flow so that I will be more aware of oncoming danger and keep personal belongings out of sight.

Well, take heed. For it does happen and it DID happen.

And since we are on the topic of robbery and henious crimes, here’s a video I think Singaporeans will find many laughs!

4 Responses to “Day to day crimes”

  1. nashty Says:

    Man. That’s frickin crazy.

    Btw, nice drawing of the asshole robber! XD

  2. ene Says:

    I was almost robbed in JB as well, near Holiday Inn Plaza. I had my bag (a small cloth bag) around my wrist and was holding hands with my fiance. I noticed this strange bike who came really close to me from the back and before I could react, he reached out and grabbed my bag! My natural reaction was to yank my bag back towards me and thankfully, the idiot let go. I’m sure he was a little stunned by my reaction. Btw, he was the pillon rider. If they weren’t fast enough, I would have so gone up to them and given them a beating. There were 6 of us (4 guys, 2 girls) in the group and they were so audacious! If he got away with my bag, I would have lost a new wallet, 2 Sin passports, car keys, all my cards in my wallet. I was lucky to escape with a twisted wrist.

    So yes, it is VERY TRUE that such crimes exist. They are extremely skilful in swiping bags from right under yr noses so PLEASE don’t carry any bags when you are in JB. Put everything into your pockets.

    I haven’t been back since because I don’t want to put myself at risk. Up till today, I get nervous whenever a motorcycle comes too close even in Singapore :(

  3. Andrew Says:

    i hope this wont put ppl off into visiting me in JB bcos honestly, crime is prevalent everywhere, even in sg. Only diff there is that we dont hear cases of such crimes but it doesnt mean that it doesnt happen. As long as we are more conscious of our belongings and dont take for granted that we wont be a victim i think i can safely say that a trip to jb or anywhere prob WON’T end up in heartache! ;-)

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