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Sep '07

some of the crazy things i do…

After reading on Kenny’s blog entry about chipster contest, i set out to create my own CHIPSTER MOMENT.

Browsing through the available backgrounds to superimpose my beautiful photos on, I started to work on the THEMES.

Yes. I actually brainstormed on the themes.

Background #1 A Shark.

This came easy enough.

JAWS the movie of course!


Background #2 A Mummy

TOMB RAIDER what else!


Background #3 Frankenstein

This took a while but the soul of Morticia took over me.


So with all these movie themes in mind, i set to work.

First, i had to convince a new friend to use his new SLR, and shoot me in some weirdass themes and a bag of chipster.

It wasn’t easy but hey, if i can sell bikinis to eskimos, i can get away with anything.

So I dragged Rex to an open field just outside my home and we set to shoot.

Sharks should instill fear…but still must look good mah so get dressed in a bikini!

I may not have Lara Croft’s tits nor gear but i can still kick ass!

Dug up an old halloween get up and in and instant became queen of the night…

And thus, after nights of brainstorming and photoshoot and finally editing on Chipster site itself….

The BLOCKBUSTER MOVIES starring Mia Tan and her Chipster!

JAWS IV: The Killer Crunch

The deep blue sea buries rich treasures in her bed, it is the chipster gold to be behold!
Watch as undercover agent Mia braves the shark infested water to retrieve the buried gold!


TOMB RAIDER 3: The Treasure Chip

Secrets from ancient times are hidden amongst the tombs and mazes. Guarded by immortal mummies, the treasure chipster is the desire of many adventurers.
Only the worthy will possess it!



The vampire bats from the dark night is set to wreak havoc for the craving of chipsters fuels them to retrieve it for their mistress, Miaticia, Queen of the Night.


After putting in so much effort into the contest, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE head to




Only if you think my polariods are the best!!

You DO know they are.

2 Responses to “some of the crazy things i do…”

  1. - Says:

    oh my.. brush up on your photoshop skills girl

  2. Jo C. Says:

    dun care bout the photoshop skill, I think u entry’s cool. hehehe.. love ur creativity and effort!

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