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Aug '07

aiyo… 好帅哦

at the risk of being called a bimbo again…(what’s new right)….

he is so cute i can just eat him.

aiya link wrongly.
not kenny la.

i mean him.

he is soooo cute. looks like a more asiani-sed version of UTT (who has a crush on me).

That was 3 weeks ago when Kenny was in town.
And thanks to Kenny who, at the risk of being branded gay, boldly went up to Mr. Oh-So-Cute and asked if he could get a photo. Thought i saw his face light up.

Saw him again at the Skylounge on friday.

Fate, i tell you.

And i don’t even know his name.

2 Responses to “aiyo… 好帅哦”

  1. Louisa Says:

    why does Mr Oh-so-cute’s face look so pasty like he’s got powder on it?

  2. Kenny Says:

    perhaps you should start posting some entry that has got nothing to do with guys. it’s making you sounding cheap and in need to get laid.

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