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Aug '07

Chef Mama Mia!

Sure not? So simple meh.

Actually hor, i think hor, the creme brulee is just a more atas version of the Portugese egg tart.

Don’t know who copied who though.

The French copied the Portugese egg mix, did away with the time consuming pastry puff, gave it a french name, sold it in overly priced small portions and taadaaa, a winning recipe!

The Portugese copied the French egg mix, added the crumble-in-your-mouth pastry puff, made it widely available with economical value added pricing and taadaaa, a winning recipe!

Aiyo, very jialat ok.

I tried making the creme brulee twice, first time i measured the amount of cream wrongly.
Second time it was slightly overcooked so instead of soft creme, i had slightly pudding-ish creme.

I think better to stick to the real thing lah.

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  1. girlnextdoor Says:

    Can give me the recipe onot? :D A friend of mine made it once, and although it was too sweet, I was in love with it.

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