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Aug '07

Available: Young Eligible Taitai

For a limited time only, you can have yourself a beautiful female companion for life.

Simply call 1900-Mia-Tan.

I am ready to be a taitai.

Afterall, I was schooled in the academy of taitai having spent 10 years in SCGS.

And to prove to you that I have the makings of a taitai, please refer to the following:

1. I look great in evening gowns for the gala dinners you have to attend.

2. I look even better standing next to/driving in your spock car.

3. And for your eyes only, I look best without clothes.

4. Last but not least, I am taking cooking lessons.

And not just any Community Centre chefs, nah-uh no sir.

I tutored under Chef Emmanuel Stroobant, the man behind Saint Pierre.

Before the start of the lesson, the two chefs have a quick discussion.

Chef 1: “Eh quick quick, what do we teach these brainless tai tais?”
Chef 2: “Aiya something simple that won’t mess up their million dollar kitchen.”
Chef 1: “Okok, and let’s give it some fancy name so it sounds expensive.”

First up Coq au Vin.

ooooh. big cheem french word.
It acutally just means Chicken in Red Wine.

Chef: “Ingredients are carrots, onions, parsley…….

“…….potato, chicken blah blah… who cares as long as you pour a bottle of wine in there.”

*waves his magic wok and taaadaaah*

Next up, stuffed sotong!

Ingredients are diced tomatoes, carrots, onions, bread crumbs and SOTONGS!

Chop everything together, toss in some olive oil, pepper and salt to taste…

and then stuff the blardee blur sotong until it’s bursting at its sides!

easy peasy right?

Then toss it into the oven to bake until it’s cooked.

Remove, slice it into pieces and serve!


Advertisement time!




And now, back to the program and for the dishes we’ve all been waiting for.



“Ok look girls, this is one of the easiest dessert to make.
Make sure you have eggs, cream and sugar.
You can mix it with anything for extra flavour, espresso, lime & ginger, passion fruit anything. For today, we are gonna do it with basil leaves and a little grated lemon zest.”

Whisk everything together into this creamy pot, separate into a few cups and bake in oven for 20 minutes.

When it is ready, sprinkle some sugar over the top and flame it!

Now for the final takeaway dessert.

This is lagi even more easier.

Chocolate and cream.

Heat the cream. Pour over the chocolate. Mix rapidly until chocolate melts. Leave it to cool.
Mould with your hands.

And ladies, may i present to you this perfect example of a man.

Cute, big strong arms, toned bod, great sense of humour, good with pesky kids sticking their fingers into food in the kitchen, and best of all…..



Unfortunately, he is also married.


Therefore, i am STILL a young eligible taitai-to-be.

So grab me today!

14 Responses to “Available: Young Eligible Taitai”

  1. S.N.A.G Says:

    Hi Mia, this is one of your most interesting entries so far. Wonderful pictures and really humourous account of your cooking lesson that made an interesting read! = )

    However, your mention of your dream of being a “Tai Tai” kept me wondering, is this a good course of action to take?

    I know that my views are not representative of the entire male population, but I feel that most modern guys who are university graduates these days would not really favour their life-partners as being a “Tai Tai”.

    Most modern guys prefer females that are independent, self-supporting and can contribute to the costs of maintaining a family.

    In Singapore where the costs of living are so high, both parties would need to work to contribute to the family income, hence I think unless you find a BF who is the son of some shipbuilding magnate from Hong Kong, most guys holding regular 9 to 5 pm jobs in Singapore would not be able to support a “Tai Tai”…..

    Unlike in the olden ages, namely 18th century Victorian England (think Pride & Prejudice), where the only way females (who receive almost no schooling) can rise up the social ladder is marry someone rich, in our 21st century modern society, females can compete on equal ground with males in the workplace everyday.

    Hence, is the issue of being a Tai Tai still relevant?

    Hmm….What do the rest think?

  2. Mezz Says:

    Being a “tai tai” should not be negative at all. Besides, your point where females can compete on equal ground with males in the workplace everyday is a representation that is slightly far fetched, because in truth it is still difficult for a woman to really break the glass ceiling.

    The issue of tai tai is still very relevant. If Mia wants to be one, she should go ahead. It doesnt make her any less attractive or intelligent.

    On another note, i always enjoy your humour Mia. You have a nice way of looking at things, especially in this day and age where everyone is just too serious about everything.

  3. Sensei Michael Says:

    Tai-tai doesn’t necessarily mean “nothing to do”. I am an expatriate in Shanghai, so my wife is more or less a “tai-tai”. Even among the “higher-classed” tai-tai (which my wife is not, but which I suspect Mia aspires to be), they’ve to attend lots of charity functions and hang out at many social events to raise the profile of their husbands. Not an easy job, mind you!

  4. Irony Contrary Says:

    Dear SNAG,

    In case you’ve not been reading up on social issues and problems, the fact that many women nowadays are, as you put it -”independent, self-supporting and can contribute to the costs of maintaining a family”, these facts are also the cause of high volatility in many marriages. Thus, the high divorce rates. Women no longer put up with the bastardy traits, or incompetencies of men, since they are after all “independent (and inter-dependant), self-supporting and can contribute to the costs of maintaining a family”. All by herself.

    Remember how our mothers were so dependent on our fathers? No matter what happened at home, at social events, only pretty pictures were painted, along with painted smiles, so as not to tarnish the reputation of their husbands and to keep the family together.

    So SNAG, do re-consider: the tai-tai who makes you look good if not better at social functions? Or the independant woman who also makes you look good, but looks even better when you are not around?

    BTW, I am an independant woman.

  5. miatan Says:

    i am pleasantly surprised that the comments i’ve received are on a positive note!

    was expecting backlash about how bimbotic (insert other appropriate insults) i am, aspiring to be a tai tai.

    SNAG has a valid point about Singapore’s current situation, where seriously, DINKs (double income no kids)are more likely to surive while still enjoying life.

    And the Sensei also has a point that taitai don’t mean nothing to do!
    There’s mani/pedis, spas and shopping, hi-tea and yoga, amidst implants and surgery.
    Too much to do, too little time.

    Besides, if i DO become a taitai, i think i might be bored.
    C’mon, how many massages can you get in a day.

    If i’ve all the $ and time in the world, i’d like to save the turtles.
    Or elephants.
    And the pandas.
    Not forgetting, my favorite tigers.

    eh, why still got no one tell me what was wrong with that photo ah?

  6. CS Says:

    The chicken stock in the photo!

  7. 666 Says:

    Hi Mia,

    I hold a 9 to 5 job, and is looking for a Tai-tai, hehe : )But I did read abit about your life. You do lead a colorful life. Keep in touch.

  8. wiwiwakawi Says:

    you should post your real pic without clothes to prove to us that you really look best without clothes on..

  9. noname Says:

    mia. pls wake up ur idea. do u realise how ugly you look. noone would ever want you even for free. haiii…

  10. mel Says:

    hey mia, where did u go for cooking lessons with them! i want to learn how to cook as well, is it PRIVATE specially for you only or is there a class?


  11. 666 Says:

    Looking for an eligible Tai Tai

  12. drunkenprawn Says:

    Finally got dumped ah? Hahhahaa. So surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

  13. russia Says:

    tai tai is fine. just so you know, all tai tais have to learn one impt skill. how to close both eyes, ears and mouth regarding hubby’s extramarital affairs and flings (which may or may not result in you picking up STD/AIDS).

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