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Mar '07

aiyoooo soooo cute!

Remember i said 2 posts down, that it’s time for drinks with that cute angmoh from NbyN soon?

And i said, furthur 2 posts down, i prefer Asian men?

See, fate has this irrinnoying habit of making you swallow your words just as it leaves the keyboard.
How many times has it happened, that the more you are adamant about something, the exact opposite will come true and you look like a fool.

And just how cute is cute?

This cute.


ahuh ahuh. THIS cute.


Is he cute or wat!!!

13 Responses to “aiyoooo soooo cute!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    you are pathetic

  2. James Says:

    Imho he ain’t THAT cute.I mean, i’m sure there are heaps of better looking white men.He looks normal and non-descript.Go to any anglo-saxon country and u’ll find that that’s how the average male looks like.

  3. penguin Says:

    come on la.. get a life. loser…

  4. Bored Says:

    He is normal looking for me. I am a Singaporean studying in the US and i realised that a lot of girls in Singapore tend to give more props to the White man because of his skin color. However, some of the Asian girls here in the States are not as crazy about the White males because they have seen so many and they realise that the whole “White is better” myth is so wrong. Well, like they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder so i wouldn’t say anything critical but seriously, wld u say he is cute if he was not White?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    he looks like our minister’s son, adrian mah…

  6. dan Says:

    his face is kind of oily

  7. Please Lah Says:

    you call this cute? no wonder you think you are pretty.

  8. Anonymous Says:


  9. jo Says:

    im far from attracted to white men. this one, he is boyish, but it ends there.

  10. b Says:

    Funny. In his home country he’s an average nerd, here someone swoons online over how cute he is.

  11. Irony Contrary Says:

    Ok I’m sure Mr Cutey reads your blog and as much as I do not like his character, these pics really don’t do him any justice at all. Mia please post some better pics of him. I’ve seen him personally and I do agree he’s really, really cute.
    Btw, Mr Cutey, I fully agree with Mia that you are very good-looking, but looking good is all that you are.

    P.S> Guys, before you ask a girl if or self-declare that you a huge dick, please do some market survey 1st. Your idea of huge may be puny to us girls who have seen humongous.

  12. Ugly Pics Says:

    Yea… Mia is always putting up damn ugly pics! of other ppl and of herself.

  13. trendoit Says:

    yeah this cute guy tried to pick me up at a club recently..failed.

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