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Mar '07

All that Ritz Glitz

Let me set the stage right.

The double J team, Joshua and Joanna, dating for 2 years, are not allergic to fun and booze.
Daniel, is Joanna’s baby brother who’s not so baby anymore.
Chris, is the (oh-speak-french-to-me-you-sexy-man) French Man
Min is the current beautiful (and oh-so-lucky) boyfriend of Chris.
Diana is my partner in crime.

It’s no secret.
We LOVE Ritz. We LOVE clean crisp white sheets. We LOVE the voyuerism of the bathroom.
We embrace and adore and worship and grovel for the service, panaromic view, superb freeflow canapes and bubbly sweet champagne at the club room on the top floor.

And this is how much we love Ritz.

Now say it again with me.

We Love Ritz.

8 Responses to “All that Ritz Glitz”

  1. miatan Says:

    If you are just about to leave a nasty comment about the physical gifts that heaventh have giventh my friends, don’t.

    Models and gays are highly volatile creatures with extremely fragile constituency, so please handle with care.

  2. Pelle Says:

    I bet there will be some comments about Gays and stuff. But I don’t see anything wrong with that. Being open with own sexuality is good, and I love it when people are so natural with themselves…Beautiful group picture ;)

  3. girlnextdoor Says:

    That frenchguy so hamsap 1! Always stick his tongue out wanna lick someone! Yuck!

  4. joanna Says:

    i love ritz i love ritz i love ritz

    yeah yeah

  5. {-^_^-} Says:

    Mia thats cool place leh :D poor min stuck behind in photo 1 n 2 ahhaa

  6. Anonymous Says:

    is jo a man?

  7. christophe Says:


  8. min Says:

    and omg… i miss u! haha! damnnn… the photos are so embarassing. haha! omg… my B keeps wanting to lick u lah! and wait, do u miss my special tongue move? hahah!

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