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Mar '07

where you!

aiyo. no mood to write. no inspiration to conjure up words.

now no even have the time to sleep.


all because of you.

charmaine’s gone on exam leave for the whole week.

my future is bleak.

9 Responses to “where you!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    what’s wrong with your fringe.

    and teeth?!

    and why are you wearing a zebra?

    my god.

  2. miatan Says:

    i cant believe i get a flame barely minutes after posting.


    u guys really F5 my blog site every 5 minutes isit?

    u must really love me.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    ohhh yeah.

    i have a fetish for ugly girls.

  4. Bob Says:

    haha…very funny leh

  5. Alejandro Says:

    You’ve got a hot bod.Just fix ur teeth and get some double eyelids and you’ll be the without a shadow of a doubt hottest chick in southeastasia.(except sarah tan and paula malai ali of course)

  6. Starry Says:

    I think her teeth is fine and her eyes are beautiful. Who says only double eye-lids are attractive. Single-eye lid gives her the “oriental” look. That’s what u call an asian beauty.

  7. joanna Says:

    whats wrong with her teeth and eyes?

    at least she dun have smokers teeth and single eyelids are nice!

  8. alicia Says:

    everyone knows that straight teeth is definitely better looking than Crooked teeth.

  9. gel Says:

    can’t believe the amount of bitchy guys who come here to insult someone’s looks. If you’re so offended then why view her blog? ass wipe.

    anyway there is nothing wrong with single eyelids/crooked teeth. I think Kirsten Dunst looks cute with crooked teeth too. Why must beauty be defined by the same look always??? (perfect teeth, big eyes, etc.)

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