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Mar '07

Naughty but oh so nice


Please proceed with caution.

The images accompanying this entry are untouched and not edited, only resized for web publication.

It is to be presented in its raw form and in true honesty.

It may also cause slight discomfort to some.


I was referred by an anonymous apparition for a complimentary makeover at Naughty By Nature, and at the end of the shoot, i get to keep 2 of my best shots “America’s Next Top Model” style.

Not too keen to go intially, been to too many makeover studios and had too many crappy photos out of those, I don’t have much faith in this image consultant that I’ve never even heard of.

Armed with a cynical and a “let’s just get it over and done with quick” attitude, I stepped into the shophouse that spans 3 storeys of creative work.

The reception area bowled me over. To my right, there were rows of iMacs and many clients viewing their “after” shots.
The lounging area had most of the fashion mags on the table.

I was greeted by, guess what?!, an angmoh. Looking very young and all eager to please, he took me through the basic expectations of the shoot.

Aiya not my first time shooting what, i thought sniggering.

“Over here, we make the shoot fun and amazing so just relax, and enjoy yourself. At the end of the shoot, you will love the shots we present to you.”

ya ya ya. can we move along now?

At the makeup room, there were almost 10 makeup artists and hairstylists and ALL of them were busy with some clients.

Woah, i thought. This is quite a big scale studio huh. And the wardrobe they have are massive! From costumes to ballroom gowns, you can be catwoman one minute and Princess Fiona the next.

Seated to get my first casual look makeup done, I knew i was in safe hands when I saw a familiar face, Lorraine, who did my makeup for the Miss Singapore World pageant in ‘05.

In the white room (the room is all white duh), I had a “warm up” shoot with Sam who made me roll all over the floor, star jump and frame myself with a hula hoop. She quickly snapped away and I was released unharmed.

I was more excited about the 2nd look, as I had a firm idea of what I wanted out of it. I had brought along the dress, asked for my hair to be curled and eyes smoked.

The cute angmoh was back in a different room this time, with photographer Kelvin.

We had briefly flipped through some mags and agreed on a more fashion angle earlier, during the “getting-to-know-you-so-must-make-small-talk” time at the lounge area.
So he also seemed to have an idea of what he wanted out of it.

He dealt me some poses with a sofa, some time balancing precariously on one high heel and some time tantric moves.

I hoped then, that what he had in mind was also what i envisioned.

Well, turns out, there was no cause for worry.
And when he said I would love the shots presented to me, he wasn’t lying.


And here are the 2 best shots.

Again, I remind you that the following photos are not photoshopped.

Want some gorgeous shots of yourself? And candid images of your kids? How about heartwarming photos of the family?

They are so exclusive that walk-ins are not entertained. Only referrals.
So book yourself an appointment with Naughty by Nature at 6511 1171.

Oh, it’s time again for some drinks with that cute angmoh soon. ;P

29 Responses to “Naughty but oh so nice”

  1. {-^_^-} Says:

    MIA! wah nice leh the shots hahaha kk anyway have a great week ahead!

  2. marina Says:

    You do look very very good. I love the first shot of you. Bellisima!!!

  3. boon Says:

    They must have pulled up their socks, because I’ve heard many bad comments on their hard selling tactics and seen many laughably bad “after” shots. Just google them!

    They didn’t try to hard sell some expensive packages to you meh? No mention of it in your post..

  4. miatan Says:

    Hi Boon,

    yea i just googled NbyN and it seems that there are alot of backlash on forums.

    i did get the hardselling which i was of course prepared for. and i’m sure everyone knows that there’s no free lunch, so i don’t fault them for trying.

    Afterall, they did spend 3 hours of makeup and shoot on me!

    whether you want to sign up for the package is at your adult judgement and will.

    i’ve read in a forum that clients are pissed off because the shots are deleted right there when they didn’t purchase the package.
    my shots got deleted too what.

    go for the shoot, get 2 free shots, still want to complain.

    I say, Always look on the brighter side of the lightbox.


  5. joanna Says:

    they used my photo on their wall taken by another photographer and claimed it theirs. - hows that for naughty?

  6. joyphoria Says:

    hey! glad you had fun at NbyN! lovely shots there. (:

  7. gel Says:

    Love the dress :)

  8. Shawn Says:

    So how much did they pay you to endorse them?

  9. rezar Says:

    so fugly the pictures

  10. lala Says:

    y u have to open ur leg until so wide?
    so fugly.. n look at ur legs… so fugly…

  11. gin Says:

    hey, if your shots were deleted, how come u can post them on your blog??

  12. devill_rock Says:

    your face were at an angle so of course you look good…but try it at the front next time..not sideways

  13. Annie Says:

    actually i have an offer from them too but i turned them down. not worth a trip for 2 free photos.

  14. pinkie Says:

    er………those two are your best shots??? Okay,the quality is quite bad then. ANd the first one looks so unnatural. Why do you have to look up at that angle? It makes you look very unnatural. And why are the legs open so wide? THey obviously can’t do sophisticated, sexy and yet understated looks. Eew.

  15. Jess Says:

    hey.. i JUST went to NbyN. The make up is OK.. the range of clothes os OK.. the photo shots are OK.. the people come around very friendly.. ask u this ask u that.. But once I say I will consider the $3600++ package, they become nasty to me.. start saying i waste their time.. one boy even say ‘hey u know I’m on commission. if u dun buy then wat for come’ then burn 2 photos for me on a CD.. Now that I get home, the CD is blank!!!!!!!! so much about COMPLIMENTARY.. haha now its really wasting of MY TIME!

  16. ange Says:

    the top coloured picture is nicer than the black and white one

  17. lola Says:

    An amateur shoots better pictures with an idiotproof camera. You’re such a sucker.

    And please, that pose with the split legs? Don’t do that ever again.

  18. mike Says:

    u jz dunno hw to pose…

  19. ZZZZ Says:

    You are just paid to erase all the negative impression people have of them?

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Husband my baby and myself went to Naughty by Nautre for a makeover photo session. We were told its free 2 prints for us. My makeover is not yet completed, as it has to be continued again due to time constraints.I am sad and worried about this whole thing now. My husband does not understand that “nothing is free in this world”. Lets hope its not as bad for us as how you guys have experienced.

  21. Anonymous Says:


    I am a victim and was conned in By Naught by Nature. I signed up for the package 2 years ago and I paid a sum of money for the whole package. I was told that I will get 2 free shots(meaning 2 different outfits, and a few pictures taken) every year and I can choose 2 pictures out of the so many to be in my album but i can take home the whole CD.

    I went back this year, and u know wad? I was not able to take back the whole CD and can only choose 2 shots. If i want the rest of the pictures I will have to pay! And the amount is not small.

    I confronted the Ang Mo manager and he told him i felt cheated. He simply just said that manager before was telling me nonsense and was fired.

    I wanted to cry on the spot! Because of all the time, effort and preparations I’ve made. Read my story and dun end up in the same state as me.

  22. miatan Says:

    im sorry things turned out tat way.
    i am in no way related to them, but i feel your frustration.

    When you signed up the package, it should have stated clearly what u r entitled to!

    Take that and confront them if need be.

  23. Tabitha Tessensohn Says:

    Hi i would just like to say that i love your photos. And i am in need of a photographer. Its something that i wanna do for my birthday. I would appreciate if you would e-mail me on the details. Thank You. Hope you get back to me asap. Birthday’s on 28th July. :)


  24. Tabitha Tessensohn Says:

    Email add: retro-spect@hotmail.com

  25. Cris Says:

    So you’re dating the angmoh?

  26. Lady boy Says:

    hey NbyN makeover studio is full of sh*t..if they were to call u up dont bother coming..a the end of the day u’ll have to buy a packages; small size album is $3197, medium size is $3988 so expensive..don bother coming!! they’ll pressure u ah…

  27. Anonymous Says:

    u r ugly n fake

  28. otherwise contented Says:

    i really feel sorry for these losers. my family signed up for the cheapest package way back in 2006 and so far everythings’s well and good. I personally have not experienced any of these non-sense and negativity. we are truly satisfied with their service and the package is really reasonable and practical.I guess these people are just sour-graping since their photos are lousy because they themselves dont look good and nonetheless cannot afford to pay. where can you get 2 free makeovers without obligation and yet still can get 2 free images in a cd??? nothing comes for free nowadays…you know…

  29. Sexy Says:

    I don’t think that is call “Naughty but oh so nice”.. I only see a lady posting with no feelings only.

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