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Mar '07

This is not very nice, is it?

I love sashimi.
I thought I could live in Japan.

Can I really?

17 Responses to “This is not very nice, is it?”

  1. Aaron Tan Says:

    heartless peeps…

  2. shu Says:

    y don’t i drag one of those pple along the road and then slash their throats?

  3. Irony Contrary Says:

    Yes heartless..extremely. This also applies to the ever-so-popular wedding gourmet shark’s fins soup. Another extreme cruelty, not much different from the plights of the dolphins. So please..switch to something else. Your wedding will not be any worse without the shark’s fins soup.

  4. munaks Says:

    f***ing heartless bastards ought to be fed to the sharks and also agree with irony contrary, same goes with sharks fin

  5. Mockingbird Says:

    Damn those Jap buggers who kill the dolphins for their meat so cruelly! Hope they burn in hell forever!

  6. {-^_^-} Says:


  7. girlnextdoor Says:

    Oh no, the poor dolphins! That is too cruel. That vid makes me hate Japan. I was thinking of going there for a vacation, but not anymore! Gosh, what can we do to put this to an end. The dolphin population isn’t many, and these ppl are not helping at all! Where’s PETA? Where are all the animal groups ppl! We need to stop this!!

  8. jasmne Says:

    This is so insane. HEARTLESS. Those poor things deserve better. )’:

  9. Ah Dom Says:

    Mia. This is so cruel and heartless. I only watched half way and couldn’t resist it but to scream out loud. Guess I am not going to eat sashimi for the rest of my life.

  10. Chris Says:


  11. kat Says:

    man…thats just so mean =(

  12. Fishball Says:

    ouch!!! damn heartache sia! F*** them! kaoz. damn cruel lor. pui!

  13. maggot Says:

    yo that sucks big time. how can anyone be so heartless. iahkkk..

  14. miatan Says:

    sorry sorry! i accidentally deleted someone’s comment for Ah dom.

    sorry ah! was clearing spam comments so er click too fast.
    wasn’t intentional!!
    dont flame me!! im innocent!

  15. devill_rock Says:

    fucking mental retards those buggers!!! diu!!!

    wtf?! feel so mentally distress now after the video!!

  16. Ian_n Says:

    Omg.. this vid was so horrific that it actually made me puke half way through… those dolphins that were slaughtered were shaking so violently!! omg! What human can be so cruel as to let it die in such an agonising way??? this is SO inhuman! I never tried sashimi and i will never will…
    Fuck those shit-heads that call themselfs human. They can shove their heads down some god forsaken shit-pit for all i care. Bloody Bastards.
    (I do appologise to those who read my comment. Sometimes you just cant keep it in.)

  17. naniie Says:

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