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Mar '07

Swimming Instructor

I am in need of a swimming instructor. Preferably one who has experience dealing with small children and babies. Coz i wail like a baby and thrash around the water like a small kid, even though i can stand head and shoulders above in a 1.2m pool.

Interested parties, please send your resume to me@miatan.com.

Last friday, i caught the opening night of acclaimed local play, The Swimming Instructor.
Judging by the men to women ratio in the studio, the rainbow community are out to show their support for the play.

It’s about 1 swimming instructor, 1 art director of an ad agency (sooooo cuteeeee!) and 1 hot, spoilt girl with one of those rich family tragic stories.
Two of them are in love & lust with the swimming instructor who, despite the simple, down-to-earth nature, has a disturbing habit of sinking himself to the bottom of the pool.

Overall, it was quite a digestable play, nothing too heavy or trying too hard to be “artsy”.
Won’t spoil much here, except that you can expect to see half naked bodies!

Performance Dates & Time
Fri 9 to Sun 18 March 2007
8pm daily (except Mon) plus 3pm on Sat & Sun
Venue: The Room Upstairs
ACTION Theatre’s 42 Waterloo Street

Tickets Prices
$35 (Matinee)
$40 (Tue, Wed, Sun Nights)
$45 (Thu, Fri, Sat Nights)

On a separate sadder note, Artistic Director of Wayang Warehouse Dennis Tan has passed away on 11th March 2007 on 12.41pm due to hodgkins lynphoma.
Though i’ve not worked with him, it is disheartening to lose a young artistic talent.

This site has an old article of him:

So please do show your support for local productions!!!

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  1. Benjamin Says:

    Hi Mia,
    Just happened to drop by your blog. Thanks for putting my brother’s article and showing your appreciation.

    You take care.


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