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Mar '07

i am so SPG

Headed to New Asia Bar on a Saturday night prowl with the girls.


Here are the culprits who chickened out in the end.

Supermodel Joanna, Image consultant Diana, Hijack Queen Mia

I’ve always known myself to be an angmoh magnet, thereby cementing my SPG status. Once again, that night, the theory has proven itself again.

Dancing with Di, a group of 5 angmohs closed in on us.
Standing in taxi queue, group of angmohs behind us were very noisy. One guy then tried to pick me up by apologizing for his friends rowdy behaviour.
Getting off a taxi, another angmoh shouted at me in the queue, “Hey i love the flower in your hair!”
Aiya, go pluck your own at the hotel entrance lah.
There was another cute “ABC edison chen type” who got off the taxi with him. WHY WASN’T HE THE ONE WHO SPOKE TO ME?!

Haiya. Despite all that SPGness traits i possess, i still prefer Asian men.

12 Responses to “i am so SPG”

  1. girlnextdoor Says:

    Supermodel? Look more like a man eh… Honest opinion. The middle one is the prettiest.

  2. towelboy Says:

    i’m so flattered. :p

  3. bemused Says:

    Man?? How about one of those from Four Floors?? Can’t understand how some people can delude themselves into choosing a modelling career.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Honestly, sorry to be mean…but you look like you are beaten by an ugly stick…and almost look like a man in fact. The only reason why the white boys might show interest in you is they are prolly looking for an easy one night stand and you probably fit their bill. Just my honest opinion.

  5. miatan Says:

    Anonymous: Why apologise for honesty?

  6. {-^_^-} Says:

    mia… =/ omg u prefer me! lol… joking btw hav a gr8 weekend leh =D

  7. akeb Says:

    ang moh magnet? i think they just want you for one nite den dump u la. u attract them also with big boobs and tall bamboo body. that’s what most angmohs want.

  8. yoyo Says:

    actually i tot she looks beautiful the way she is now..
    beauty is in the eyes of the beholders, guys..

  9. Uhhh Says:

    Well i seriously think she’s freaking ugly. How ugly can you get ? Seriously. I thought i’d seen it all. But then again, now i know how ugly can a person get. If beauty DOES lie in the eye of the beholder, heck the beholder must be pretty blind.

  10. babygal Says:

    hi uhhh, u seriously think tat she’s freaking ugly.. but there are ppl who think she is beautiful.. so i guess it neutralized all e comments out? Haaa..do not assume that yoyo is blind..perhaps it is YOU who is blind.

  11. mimi Says:

    er… this post almost made me lose my breakfast.

  12. devill_rock Says:

    honest opinion here, i don’t think the ang mo guys really had a chance to see d clear view of u…

    sorry but honesty the best policy

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