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Mar '07

eat your heart out

Move aside Kenny.

There’s a new prince in the blogosphere.
Loyalty is no longer pledged and adoration is no longer upon you.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Plebians and Wannabes,

may I unveil the Tyrant of Truffles, Cannibal of Chocolates, Prince of Pralines!!

This cutey, complete with the boyish looks and squinty single eyelids which i absolutely adore, makes his own chocolates and sells them with love!

It seems he have come a long way, from going against parental guidance to cajoling friends to purchase his pralines, and to finally be able to promote his chocs on radio, CNA and IS magazines!

So do visit his site http://juliustrufflesdiary.blogspot.com and get addicted!

3 Responses to “eat your heart out”

  1. Fishball Says:

    wow!!!!! he’s cute!!!! his chocolates looks yummy!!!! i must try!!!!!
    yum yum :) i wish to meet this young cute didi oso! haha

  2. kennysia Says:


    *moves aside*

  3. Fishball Says:

    dun b sad. u r cute oso. hee :)

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