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Oct '08

oh it is so beautiful!

Went shopping with Hwee today for a gown that she needed for a formal event end October.

I know it is my duty to pick out that PERFECT DRESS for her but I couldn’t resist picking out dresses for MYSELF TOO!!!

And we both fell in love with this Karen Millen dress!!!


And it’s got nice button detailings at the side!


The price tag? $729.
But got less 30% lah.
Still. Sigh.

Oct '08

breaking news: another turkish air hijack

CNN news reported that another Turkish airline is hijacked.
I quickly called Philip Baum, who is based in London and in charge of an aviation security journal. He is the man who was interviewed by CNN when my flight got hijacked becoz he is a specialist!!

And he gave me the scoop even before CNN reported it.
So this is first hand news you are getting.

The “hijacker” is a drunk passenger and was overwhelmed by fellow passengers !


Oct '08

Would you like to make a donation..


Can you believe I actually said that to total strangers in Orchard Road?

Last Saturday, I was at Tangs Orchard helping the Breast Cancer Foundation do a charity drive.

I’ve not done one-on-one charity sales since my flag selling school days but since I’ve got all the time in the world these days, I decided to drop BCF an email asking if they needed help for their annual Breast Cancer Foundation Walk.

In 2005, I participated in the walk as part of Miss World Singapore ‘05 activities and I remember speaking with the dragon ladies (these breast cancer survivors form a dragonboat team that practice weekly and very likely to kick your ass) and was amazed at the exuberance and determination they have.

And following that walk, that night when the pageant was held, I had a question on stage “What’s the one thing you would change about this competition?”
Stupid answers such as “removing all the other contestants”, “changing the panels of judges” and simply snatching the microphone and announcing me the winner were considered.

But instead I said, “If there was a thing I’d change about this competition is that we could have done more for BCF than just participating in their walk. It would have been better if we could have volunteered to help out in other ways as well.”

So this year, the BCF walk happens to fall on Oct 4th weekend, which is the 2nd anniversary of my HIJACK on Turkish Air TK1476 and I decided to commemorate the day by revisiting BCF.

All decked in pink, I started out to sell cookies and BCF pins for $5.

First i stuttered “Would you like to make a donation?”
Then it got longer “..to the breast foundation?”
Then i corrected myself “..to the Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation?”

Then I realise people thought I’m giving out the cookies for free. “….for $5 donation, you can receive this cookies and pin.”

Then people start walking by really fast when they see me approaching.
And then there’s those who 盗 铃 掩 耳, they think they are invisible just because they pretend they can’t see me I can’t see them.

Then I mastered the art of saying “Hi would you like to make a donation to the Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation? October is the breast cancer awareness month and we are doing this donation drive where for $5 donation you will recveive this packet of yummy Bakerzin cookies and this lovely crystal encrusted BCF pin” all under 5 seconds.

Because if you don’t manage to stop anyone within the first 5 seconds of beginning your sentence, your chances of a donation drops as drastically as the Dow Jones.

At the end of the 2 hours, I’ve sold off all 70 pins assigned and returned back to base happy and a jingling full money bag.
And surprise surprise! The good people at Estee Lauder gave me a goodie bag for helping out!

The sense of satisfaction that money can’t buy and I get all of this too!


Now who said charity work doesn’t pay?

Oct '08

Australian Shepherds rule!

Cosworth is an Australian Shepherd.


He is handsome, smart, obedient and good natured.
Everything we girls love in a man.

I always feel that australian shepherds are underdogs, overshadowed by the other herding sheepdog breeds such as the collies, obviously popularised by Lassie.
But I like the kinder, rounded snouts Aussies have compared to the longish Collies face.
And to think it wasn’t recognised as a breed until in the recent decades.
Then WHAM!
It goes on to win a prestigious doggie contest and suddenly the whole world knows about them

And now Fedex uses a blue merle in its commercial.
Go get them boy!

Oct '08

World of Warcraft

A few posts ago, I wrote about gamers.

Now, I’m one of them.

Check out my super hot toon!


And my FIRST BG!


AND I CAPTURED A FLAG!! ME! A low level toon (compared to the other lao jiaos) up there with the big boys!