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Mar '08

Heaven must have…

broken the mould and spent an entire month on this guy.


He’s 16.
He’s goodlooking.
He’s humble.
He’s likeable.
He sings like an angel.

Need more reasons?

At home with David:

A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton
(everytime i hear this, i cant help but imagine 2 White on Black Chicks swaying their blonde hair to the piano)

Audition Round:

Heaven by Bryan Adams

American Idol:

Imagine by John Lennon

Mar '08

And I thought I was invincible.

No one in my family had it.

Not my 70 year old parents, nor my late 30s sisters, definitely not young, healthy full of life me.

It must have been in our DNA that we are immune to chicken pox.

But noooooooooooooooooooooooo.

I have to be the mutant of the family.

The first to kena chicken pox.

It started out innocently enough. A few little red spots, resembling dust mites or mosquito bites.

Then they start itching. And swelling. And bubbling over like red hot lava.

And then…..

They multiply.

Almost hundreds of these start popping up all over my body!
On my tummy, all over my back, along my spine!
How can this happen!

To the oh-i’m-so-damn-vain-i-put-the-devil-to-shame me!

All my teenage life, I’ve spent 10 good years battling acne.
It’s almost as if now, they’ve gathered all their long lost relatives, twice-removed cousins and the entire extended family, and came back with a vengance.

The war is on, my old friend.

Mar '08

Animal Planet

Perhaps I should apply for Discovery Animal Planet to be a wildlife photographer.

Re-introducing Cosworth “Cozzie” Lim!

I’ve always loved photographing Cozzie. He’s very handsome, from every angle and each photo, he seem to emote!


He must be the original “THE DOG”

And hereby introducing the newcomer,

The adopted child of Mark, she’s staying with cozzie while her human pets went away.

She was resuced from SPCA in the first week of 2008, at only 3 months old, the German Pointer mix is still learning the rules of living with humans.

And you wonder why they call it “a dog’s life”.

Mar '08

It’s that time of the year again…


Please, I urge all of you, to file on time.

I’ve learnt my lesson last year and I will be watching the clock.

When I received my IR8 form, I didn’t have to pay any tax, because obviously, a small fry NUS graduate like me don’t earn enough to pay tax lah.

So, I thought, ok lah end of story.

*fast forward a few months later*

I received a letter in the mail, informing me that due to my negligience in not filing for income tax, I’ve to pay a fine of $50.

That’s when i realised that even though I didn’t have to pay, I still have to declare my income.

I went online and filled out the forms, returning a $0.00 to the taxman and then completely forgot about the fine I had to pay.

That is until, I received another letter reminding me to pay the $50 fine, otherwise I’ll get a court summons.

Begrudingly, I went to the AXS machine to cough up the $50 fine.

Despite not even earning enough the past year to pay a single cent of income tax, no one can avoid the tax man.

And that, is my contribution to Singapore’s S$6 billion Budget Surplus.


Mar '08

If you see him…

It has to take a escaped JI ring leader to get me to write again.

I personally believe he might no longer be in SG anymore.
Cause if he is, our men will pull him out of hiding.
Afterall, where can he hide! Singapore so small and we only have one Bukit Timah forest.

Nonetheless, I was quite spooked when I had to take a cab alone after midnight. I kept wondering if he’s gonna pop up around the corner, or from beneath the flyover or grab me from behind and take me hostage!
The more I thought, the more I got scared lor!
Thankfully, at that moment, a lone cab came up the road.
I was so paranoid, I even thought the taxi driver could be one of those serial killer from B-grade horror movies.


From the latest season of Prison Break,

There is a theory which suggests that he may already be dead. “Accidental death during interrogation”

Picture this. Interrogation room.

He sits slumped in a chair.

Officer 1: Aiya, die lah. I think he’s dead!

Officer 2: See lah! Told you don’t shine the light so bright, dont tie the hands so tight, beat him slight can liao! Now HOW!

*Officer 3 enters the room*

Officer 3: Eh guys, his family is here. They want to see him.


Officer 2: AH! I know! We just say he escaped lah!