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Nov '07

ah lian ah lian

I’ve never done a hair show before.

That is until now.

And i guess, i was right about not doing hair shows before.

See, when i auditioned for the paul mitchell show, they said minimal cut and the colors will be rich dark colours.

Sounds good.

On the day itself, i got my hair trimmed and layered.

Then the stylist whipped out the bleach.


Hold your horses.


“Ah don’t worry, trust me ok. the colours will be nice one. dark purple and blue, then the rest of your hair is blue black. Very dark one. dont worry.”

sibeh lian lor. my virgin bleach

So the colours were all mixed and thankfully, they DID look quite dark.

I was relieved.


“Eh…i think hor the blue and purple very close. Cannot really tell the difference. I give you a dark pink ok?”


Ok la, i thought. Just pink and purple streaks beneath that dark hair.

Not that bad lah…..hor?

buey tahan lah! so old already still pink streaks. trying to act young ijjit!

chao ah lian.

Nov '07

is it safe anymore?

I remember writting GP essays about the impact of globalisation and the teachers always advised us to take a stand whether supportive or not, because the examiners will want to see that the student actually is capable of thinking for themselves yaadaa yaadaaa daa.

And i think i said it was a good thing because, well, we can now watch American sitcoms while choosing to ignore the slavery and starvation going on in other parts of the world that we can’t name!

I should have known, then, that Newton was always right.
For every action, there is an equal and OPPOSITE reaction.

Sure globalisation brings the whole world closer.
But is proximity a good thing?

Maybe, if you can have a 7-11 at every corner.
And 24-hr MacDonald’s delivery.

So where’s the opposite reaction?

Yesterday, yet another high school shooting. This time in Finland.

And the shooter, allegedly put up his own videos on YouTube. Footage of him practising his marksmenship, broadcasting his plans proudly to the rest of the world.


So, a coin has two sides and a blade cuts both ways.
The globalisation portal allows transmission of the good AND the bad.
Our every move, however little, now have a much bigger possible impact than before.

Are we able to discern?

Nov '07

it’s no secret

…..that i absolutely adore ACS boys.

I almost ran after this car.