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Oct '07


doncha wish your girlfriend was HOT like we!

doncha wish your girlfriend was sweeet like weeeee!


Oct '07

excuse me, are you….

this is really weird.

earlier this year, i was standing along neil road, opposite keong siak, trying to flag a cab home after work.

a saloon car slowed down and wind down his window.
the driver leaned over to say, “Hi excuse me, are you celeste?”

well, if it was a flashy car or a very cute driver, i could be anyone he damn right want me to be, but since he nor the car was desirable, i simply said, “No, i am not celeste.”

as he drove off, i thought he might have mistaken me for one of those girls who walk the street. afterall, keong siak IS adjacent to where i was standing.

last week, my first visit to lunar, the latest offering at CQ.

happily dancing to the tunes of A-mei and FIR, this beng beng guy came to chat me up.

first question he asked, “er…ass skew me ah, are you celeste?”


im pretty sure it wasnt her they were referring to.

Oct '07


I think i must have caught on to the cooking trend pretty fast. With all the focus now on culinary skills, especially fine dining, not just your hawker fare, i’m just in time to showoff my new found teacher!

May i present to you, Chef Angelo!

The mastermind behind some of the best restuarants in Singapore! Michelangelos, Sistina, Original Sin, Zambuca and his own cooking school, Bentfork.
Normally, how high up the ranking a man is, can be gauged by the number of “stars” and “crabs” on his shoulder.
In this case, it’s a matter of how many “iron-on-stickers” of sponsors you can have up your sleeve.

Born in Australia to Italian parents and having set up his own family here, Chef has accustomed to Singapore very well.
Obviously a natural beng, he’s all decked out in gold.

Even his earrings are gold.
You know what they say about men with earrings.
They can buy jewellery and they’ve experienced pain. Best types to marry.

The good thing about being a celebrity chef is, you can anyhow cook and people will still say it’s yummy.

You can demonstrate funky skills like flambe. Pan on fire.

You can also burn an entirely fresh capsicum on an open gas stove.

See? All black and burnt, but still can serve. Just say that it enhances the aroma of the red capsicum.
Throw in other random facts like “doesn’t work as well with the green, better if the red was a little aged and not fresh” and be sure to sound totally nonchalent and people will fall for it, hook, line and sinker.

Actually i find it rather easy to prepare the dishes on the menu. Alot of it have to do with getting the garnishes and sauces right.

For example, buy a slab of prime meat. Heat your pan and lightly sear the surface all around.
Then you can put it in the fridge while you prepare the garnishes on top.
Blend whatever you want. Herbs, olive oil, cream, seasonings, anything that you like.
Cut the meat and smack the dressing on top.

Do the same for the portabello mushrooms. Roast it, make the dressings with different ingredients then waalaaa!

The main things i’ve learnt and taken away from this class is pretty much similar to Remy the rat and his mentor Gusteau, anyone can cook simply because:

1. There is no right/wrong ingredients or volume, everything just try.
What we call “aga-ration“. Just aga aga (read: estimate).
2. Use only FRESH ingredients
3. It’s ALL in the presentation.

See the before and after side by side?

There’s a superbly yummy dish which i absolutely relish.

The seafood timbale is made up of, duh, seafood lah.
Timbale, is a tower or some conical vertical thingie.

Just get a hollow cone, and stuff the base with chopped raw tuna, pressing it firmly, followed by a layer of chopped avocado, and topping the layer with crabmeat. Fridge it then serve. minus the cone.
This dish hardly need any seasoning because all you really want is the fresh sweetness of the seafood. Just some lemon juice for a zang and some pepper perhaps?
Really entirely up to you.

The tower looks a little bit unstable and crumbly on its own. In fact not very appetising.
Put in on a HUGE plate, drizzle some sauce on the plate, designed to your fancy, and WAALAAA!

Fine Dining!

Like wise, this scallop dish. Wa lau. How easy can.

Ingredients: Scallop and burnt capsicum

Jus pan seared the scallops till they brown on the sides.

Place them in cute little spoons sitting on strips of capsicum.


See, I now realise that cooking is alot like life.

Alot of things are seemingly elaborate, but actually is done very simply and with the most basic skills.
It’s all in the presentation

Alot of things is really up to you, whether you will enjoy it or not.
Add any seasonings you like.

Alot of things is also up to your own judgement, not necessarily must go by the book.
Just aga aga lah.

And lastly, always finish your day with some quality wine and good company.

Oct '07

survival instincts!

1st year anniversary of surviving the HIJACK!

early morning sms Angie and Jamie to remind them of our ordeal together.

see, nothing like fear bonds people together.

pop the champagne! time to parteee and live it up!


And, another commemorative event….

I swam! I managed to swim! YES! Without a float! After 27 years!
A mere 4m i guess, with breastroke,but hey it’s a start for a hydrophobic!

*Kick pull breathe kick pull breathe struggle struggle drink water spit*