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Sep '07

Madame White Snake 白蛇傳

I looooove snakes.

They are one of the most beautiful creatures, in my opinion.

Never mind that they were never one of God’s favorite creation and have often been protrayed as vicious. No thanks to B-grade movies like Anaconda and Snakes on a plane.

There’s just something about their muscular yet sleekness, the cold smooth scales, the discerning look in their eyes and the ever so lithe flick of their tongue on your face as they squeeze size you up.

No wonder they are legendary.

Sep '07

it’s a tight fit!

i absolutely ADORE this corset.

tried it on at POIS paragon, the sales girl was so enthusiastic about it, gushing about how beautiful it is, how intricate the handicraft is and i TOTALLY AGREE WITH HER.

“it’s a little loose for you around the back, we can alter for you one, dont worry.”

“er…are there extra costs?”

“No no there isn’t! We do for you free alteration. It’s very nice, looks very good on you know.”

of course i know!! it is beautiful!

“err..how much is this?”

*turns around to check price tag*

“Oh this one is only $1,489. I can bring the other ones to show you, more expensive ones.”

huuuhh! $1.5K for a top! and it’s not the most expensive one?!

“err….let me shop around and think about it?”

“Want me to reserve it for you? Then you can come back and get it tomorrow if you want.”

At this point, she seemed so sure that she’s gonna close this sale.

I must either be a) damn good at acting or b) it’s the natural “tai tai” aura i possess.

Sep '07

some of the crazy things i do…

After reading on Kenny’s blog entry about chipster contest, i set out to create my own CHIPSTER MOMENT.

Browsing through the available backgrounds to superimpose my beautiful photos on, I started to work on the THEMES.

Yes. I actually brainstormed on the themes.

Background #1 A Shark.

This came easy enough.

JAWS the movie of course!


Background #2 A Mummy

TOMB RAIDER what else!


Background #3 Frankenstein

This took a while but the soul of Morticia took over me.


So with all these movie themes in mind, i set to work.

First, i had to convince a new friend to use his new SLR, and shoot me in some weirdass themes and a bag of chipster.

It wasn’t easy but hey, if i can sell bikinis to eskimos, i can get away with anything.

So I dragged Rex to an open field just outside my home and we set to shoot.

Sharks should instill fear…but still must look good mah so get dressed in a bikini!

I may not have Lara Croft’s tits nor gear but i can still kick ass!

Dug up an old halloween get up and in and instant became queen of the night…

And thus, after nights of brainstorming and photoshoot and finally editing on Chipster site itself….

The BLOCKBUSTER MOVIES starring Mia Tan and her Chipster!

JAWS IV: The Killer Crunch

The deep blue sea buries rich treasures in her bed, it is the chipster gold to be behold!
Watch as undercover agent Mia braves the shark infested water to retrieve the buried gold!


TOMB RAIDER 3: The Treasure Chip

Secrets from ancient times are hidden amongst the tombs and mazes. Guarded by immortal mummies, the treasure chipster is the desire of many adventurers.
Only the worthy will possess it!



The vampire bats from the dark night is set to wreak havoc for the craving of chipsters fuels them to retrieve it for their mistress, Miaticia, Queen of the Night.


After putting in so much effort into the contest, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE head to




Only if you think my polariods are the best!!

You DO know they are.

Sep '07

diamonds are a girl’s best friend

The French are glad to die for love.
They delight in fighting duels.
But I prefer a man who lives
And gives expensive jewels

Men grow cold
As girls grow old,
And we all lose our charms in the end.

But square-cut or pear-shaped,
These rocks don’t loose their shape.
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.


How can i disagree, all that glitters may not be gold, but all that matters is what it holds.

And I’m beginning to love the diamonds encrusted by the gold!


it’s sooooo beee youuuu teee foool……………………….


The only imperfection is that this ring was not bought by a perfect man.

It was however, bought by a perfect woman.


Unlike other lucky women, sillycelly for example, I had picked out the ring myself and in a very classic moment, whipped out a card and said the advert tag line, “NETS it.”

Who said money can’t buy happiness.
It certainly made 2 people happy.

The SK jewellery salesgirl and me!

Browsing at the new SK store in T2 Changi Airport, I was looking at the sales display.

Of course, I wasn’t planning to get married or even attest to the increasingly common belief that every independent woman should buy herself jewellery.

No sir! I’d still like my jewellery to be bought by men, thank you very much.

But in events such as this, one has no choice but to buy her own.

A total of 18 diamonds, with 16 weighing in at 0.25 carats and the other 2 at 0.05 carats, it was a grand total diamond weight of 0.30!!


I asked if she had it in my ring size of 13.

She checked and found only other one and it is a perfect fit!

At that moment, I wondered how much it’ll cost me.
Glancing at the other pieces on display, the prices had at least 4 figures listed.


I asked the girl how much does the ring cost?

She took it out of the cabinet and flipped the price tag before announcing it was S$779.


Then she added, before discount.

And it was sitting right there in the 70% discount display!

I’ll NETs it.”

Sep '07

don’t be a pussy!

Today has been a terribly rainy day and we all know that coupled with a Monday, that gets everyone down.

But everyday is a new day so let’s start with learning a new word today!


ahuh ahuh. Big word huh, and nope, it is not made up of the words pertaining to pussy nor lan nor animals nor enormous.

You’ve first seen me use this word in my previous post.

Yes that’s right. I’m putting to use what i learn!

So to learn about this word and others such as FLOCCINAUCINIHILIPILIFICATION,
I have appointed a hot hot hot english teacher!

Hope this perks “up” your Monday!

Remember, a new word everyday!

Sep '07

When in doubt, simply smile and say, World Peace.

This is a special dedication to aVerRumble, in reply the comment left on the entry of Miss Singapore World ‘07.

Name: aVerRumbLe | E-mail: tsre@rumjungle.com | IP:

ugly girls unite!

Posted Sep 1, 8:22 AM |


Ugly girls unite?
You may think it’s laughable that the girls have more breasts than brains but either way, they have more than you.

If you’ve the got the balls, participate.
Don’t just sit on your fat ass and pretend you can take the heat.
Cause your fragile self esteem and self worth can’t handle humiliation with grace.

Pusillanimous, that’s what you are.

Sep '07

my bonnie lies over the ocean…

Last weekend, i packed my bags and went on a well-deserved trip with my best friend Shu.

Wanted to go for a spa holiday and having heard so much about the cheap and very authentic spa in nearby Batam, where else better to go right!

Did some research online and found this resort KTM resort which is built by one of the construction kings, KOH Brothers, in Singapore. It looked amazingly rustic, overlooking the sea and at $103 for a package, it was a steal!

When we first arrived at the resort, well….”rustic” is the best description.

It was quite dilapidated and very sparse. Other than a tiny go-karting circuit, and i really mean tiny, and a few of the staff fishing where the restuarant sits over the sea, it was very desserted.

Maybe because we arrived on a Monday morning.

But the view was beautiful.

How the outside world looked from our room in the morning.

It overlooks a lagoon, beyond that a breakwater where the spa villa sits and furthur out is the deep blue sea.

We had a twin sharing cottage on stilts.
There were bigger 2 storey cottages up the hill from where we were for family of 4.

The room, is at best, quaint.
Very basic bed, pillows, tv, aircon and shower facilities.
Nothing to shout about.
Except for the balcony where we can sit out and enjoy the view while feeding mosquitoes.

And since it was early morning, there was nothing to do but laze around in the room, watching old reruns on tv and flipping magazines.

Lunch was a simple meal of a fried rice and plate of tofu shared between the 2 of us and we took a walk exploring the compounds.

I had brought my bikinis wanting to show off my new swim strokes but i realised i forgot to bring my float.

That plus the water of the pool was the same colour as the lagoon. Green.

Nonetheless, we were all looking forward to the 90min spa included in the package!

At 530pm, we walked over to the spa villa and boy were we stunned by the parlour.

Each of the room are meant for couples, so it came complete with a 2 person jaccuzi tub and massage tables.

As we sat in the bubbly prepared jacuzzi, the sun was setting over the sea, with a faint backdrop of Singapore.

Aaaaahhh bliss.

The one hour massage was very good and thoroughly roused my entire body, blood cruising through every inch of muscle.


I find it really difficult to sleep through a massage, partly because the kneading sorta mixes pain with pleasure and most part because I feel bad that someone is exerting themselves physically to service me solely for that hour.

What the heck lah. It was great!!!

Dinner saw cereal prawn, tofu and veg on the table for a grand total of S$16!!!

Day two was the city tour and it started raining so we hardly did much walking, except to visit 2 temples, one polo tee shop, dried foods and souvenir shops before finally hitting the shopping malls.

There are a total of 17,500 islands in indonesia and this one you can buy for 5000 rupiah.

We saw it over the 彩虹桥, a lone island in the middle of the sea amidst other bigger lands, supporting a couple of coconut trees.

The 彩虹桥 is basically made up of 5 bridges linking up 6 islands so you literally can travel from one island to another!

As for shopping, we outdid outselves and lugged back a 1.5kg kueh lapis each, along with a box of instant indomie and i FOUND THE FAMOUS JCo donuts at the batam ferry shopping centre!!


C’mon. Why nut?
I really Tira Miss U.

I’ve not had it before so it was our virgin buy.
It ranks yummy enough on my scale but no way am i battling the to-die-for snaking queues for it.

And then with all that extra weight on us, we half ran and half dragged the stuff for the 7.30pm ferry and homeward bound!!!