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Jul '07

If i could decree a holiday….

If i had the powers to assign an international holiday, it would be the “Connecting People Day“.
(not to be confused with a certain mobile make)

I would have wanted a World Animal Day, Earth Awareness Week, Shopper’s Month but there are already events dedicated to these movements.

How many times have you met someone for the first time, gotten his contact, and ended off the meeting with a casual “Keep in touch!”

And how about that time, an old friend you happened to bump into on the streets. You frantically took down his mobile number, email, MSN, namecard etcetc, promising with all the sincerity of that moment that “I’ll be in touch! It’s great to see you again!”

It’s been umpteen times for me.

Despite all these “convenience” of communication avenues we have now, i find it terribly difficult to stay in touch.

Is it because we are exposed to more people now? More than what our little black book can hold?
More than what the once generous self can give?

I’m saying this because, i got a surprise phone call the other night.
From an unidentifiable prefix number.

“An overseas call!” I thought, mentally browsing the limited list of people i know living overseas.

I answered and a cheerful voice exclaimed, “Mia! I am HEY JIN! U remember?”

Hey Jin?
Who? Mispronounciation? Wrong caller? Can’t be. She said my name!


Yes yes i hey jin. How are you?”

“I’m errr okay…angie?”

Nono hye jin! Miss Singapore! I am Hye Jin! Miss Korea!”

“OOOOHHHHH!!!! HYE JIN!! HOW ARE YOU!!!” i finally recognised that accent.

“I’m Okay. U? Why u no write me.”

*guilt creeps in, flashes of the days we spent in Wuhan and the time Miss Macau calls asking why i’ve not called her nor visited her as promised*

“Errr..i’ve been busy and i misplaced everyone’s contact!” I struggled for half truths.

We then spent the next 5 minutes trying to figure out what each other were saying amidst broken english and lots of giggle.

Though not much was verbally said but alot was felt.

Guilt mainly, on my part.

So, on the Mia declared public holiday, all telcos should make international calls free thta everyone can pick up that phone and call whoever they’ve been meaning to be in touch with but got too caught up with the bustle of life to stay true to the promise.

Happy connecting people.

Jul '07


I say: 人不可貌相, 鞋子不能太少

I went shopping yesterday at Far East Plaza.

Look at the horde of shoes i bought.
Guess the damage.


Bus ride: 60 cents

5 pairs of shoes: $37.50

A great bargain: PRICELESS


*pats on back*

well done, imelda, well done.

Jul '07

Physics Harmful Damages

I was kept up last night. Too many universal truths to ponder over.

I hate physics. I could never fathom the “logical” rules.

I didn’t do physics in secondary school but i attempted one year of it at A-levels. Failed miserably.

So please someone answer me.

Assuming a plane is cruising at 870 km/hr and I’m standing along the aisle.

At this point, i make a star jump.

Why don’t I end up being flung to the back of the plane?

Theorectically i am no longer under the influence of the force of the plane what.

If it has to do with the pressurised cabin, then why is it that if i am driving at 80km/hr and i throw a pingpong ball up from my seat, it falls back into my hand and not in the back seat?

And someone please explain to me, according to law of physics W = F x d where work done (W) is equivalent to force applied (F) onto the distance moved by object (d), that means if I stupidly push and shove against a wall for the entire day and the wall obviously doesn’t move, it means no work is done?

And now this then brings to mind relativity. Everything is relative. It just depends on whose point of view you adopt.

No work is done relative to the wall as it doesn’t move.
But alot of work is done relative to me as i am sweating my ass off!

Now if only all men understand this theory then they’ll realise that spending $750 on a Gucci wallet is all relative.

Thus it is an absolutely ridiculous law that cannot possibly survive in society.
If my team of managers put in effort and worked day and night pushing out a proposal that did not deliver any results, can i say NO WORK IS DONE and therefore withhold their salary?!

huh huh huh! not so bright now eh, Einstein?

Jul '07

my first time!

When was the last time you did something for the FIRST TIME?

Last evening i went for my swim assessment.
My first swim lesson.
Yes. I stayed true to my word and i’m undergoing swim lessons at Farrer Park Swimming Complex with APS.

The trainer’s name is TERRY and guess what?


On 07.07.07 i attended my first traditional Malay wedding.
Despite Singapore being a multi cultural country with racial harmony blah blah and the supposed additional duty of promoting upkeeping Singapore’s image (every citizen has a duty to upkeep Singapore’s good name), i am ashamed to say this is my first hand experience with this richly cross racial ceremony.

The solemnization begins with the bride and groom seated in the centre of the room, surrounded by family and friends and more importantly the “priest” equivalent of the wise holy man.

The holy man will then recite from the Quran and give his blessings to the couple.
Thereafter, the bride will retreat to the bedroom.
Smart move. Can sit down and relax, don’t have to sit and listen to all advise governing a marriage and family etcetc.

I couldn’t understand what was being recited and passed on to the groom, but the inner circle seemed to be only made up of men.
I can only bet it must be one of those “Husbandry 1101 how-to-keep-your-wife-in-check” crash course lessons.

I’m quite surprised to find that most part of the ceremony does not differ much from our traditional chinese weddings.

For one, they serve alot of sweetmeat at the ceremony, aptly signifying a sweet marriage.

Also, there are gifts from the groom

and the dowry all laid out on the bride’s bed.

The bride then kisses the groom’s hand signifying respect and love for him.

When all the hoohaa has died down, the couple will proceed downstairs to the void deck for a meal with the bride’s family.

The head of the entourage will be carrying a bowl, compartmentalised to hold auspicious items such as flowers, eggs and sweets.

It is also similar to Chinese wedding in that, after receiving the bride, the groom now returns to his home with her and undergo yet another round of well wishes.

I was kinda excited because of all the cooking that was happening at the void decks.
It is a massive cookout!

beef rendang, mee siam, curry puffs, sayur lodeh, chicken wings….

There are 3 types of people: Glutton, Gourmand and Gourmet. Guess which am i?

They arrive with an ensemble of drummers and musicians and to receive the blessings, they have a man performing silat as the groom receives a knife to protect his bride.

That is necessary when you have two crazy women trying to foil his plans to take his seat.
Me and di sat on their beautifully decorated podium and insisted on “angpows” before they can sit down.
The entourage then sent someone to “negotiate” with us and we eventually gave way after being threatened by the knife bribed with 3 angpows each.

WAA go wedding still got ANGPOW leh!

This is one very eye-opening experience for me.
How many times have you been awoken in the morning to the drummings of a Malay wedding and you got up all grumpy?
And how often when you see a Malay void deck wedding, do you think “Aiya so cheapskate, cannot afford proper dinner.”

Well, wrong wrong wrong.
Just like the Chinese lion dance troupe, it is their way of ushering goodness.
And it’s not that they can’t afford a 10-course shark’s fin dinner at a swanky hotel.
It is the “kampung” spirit, where everyone lends a hand in the preparation, the gathering of relatives sitting down for a communal meal just like the good ol’ days of the kampung.

Much more meaningful than the 10-course wedding dinner where your relatives come by with feign smiles on their faces, eat and leave you with nothing but just money, don’t you think?

Well, i guess some of us can live with that.

Now, ain’t she just beautiful?

Princess Dee

Jul '07

brb. off to KL

be right back folks.

off for my first overseas trip after Albania.

yea yea not very exciting. KL only.

not some other exotic country…

this time, driving up so no hijack.

Jul '07

i feel inspired…

to learn swimming.

I’m all of 26 half years, 5 foot 6, 52kg and I can’t swim nor float to save my life.
Not even coming from swimming dominated schools helped…


Spent my weekend at Farrer Park Aquatic Centre for the Standard Charted Masters Swimming Series.

There were swimmers of all ages from 19-80! How apt that their motto is Age is no Barrier.

People from all over the world flew in to participate like a group of swimmers well above 50 from Australia, calling themslves the DARWIN STINGERs are oldies but goodies!

And not only is age not a barrier, swimmers with physical and mental disablities from the Singapore Special Olympics swam competitively!

Some swam freestyle despite being an amputee and you know what?
They actually swam faster than some others in the same race!

Now that’s inspiration.

If all these people are able to swim despite their age and physical disabilities, what is stopping me, a fully abled body at the prime of my youth and depriving my life of water-related activities simply because I fear water and drowning?

Do I really need more convincing?

How about asking Uncle Peng Siong to coach me?

This is known as the endless pool. No more than 2M in length, this pool generates waves that keep pushing you back thus you’ll keep swimming to no end!

And how about the bevy of yandao kias who will be present at the pool from APSC?

Yes yes, these are reasons motivational enough to make me face my worst fear.
My only hope is that I won’t appear unglam… thrashing my arms around, gobbling the water, and having mucus running from my chlorine irritated nose…amongst other things.

So, I WILL be facing my greatest fear and sign up for swimming classes.
I will document my progress here and show that the only thing i need to overcome is myself.

Face your fears today! *roar*

If there’s something holding you back from living life to the fullest, overcome it.
You’ll be amazed at how strong the human mind and body can be.

I know mine will be.

All photos courtesy of Janice Goh.


But of course, above it all, I want to mark this special day:

Happy birthday to my favorite AC swimmer.