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Jun '07

华语 COOL!

Idiosyncracies means quirks or “characteristics, habits, mannerisms, or the like, that is peculiar to an individual”

I don’t know why it is derived that way but i’ll bet half a dollar it had to do with the word IDIOT.

Then again if that’s the word-related case, I’d think that idiosyncracies had something to do with supercalifrigging difficult words that relates to IDIOms, SYNonyms that crack your CRAnial nerves.

Like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious should be an idiosyncrasy.

Anyway, doesn’t bother me. I’ve always had problems with English growing up.

I remember going for my first day of Primary School without even being able to say “Hello, my name is.”

But damn I can rattle off a conversation fluently in Mandarin.

Which turned out to be quite “loser-ish” I realised later on in my teenage life.

See, when you are schooling in an English-speaking school, all the cool kids could pronounce their R’s and L’s, yet you have difficulty remembering names like Daphne.

It JUST isn’t pronounced the way it is spelt!

And all the kids will give you the funny look when you never had to struggle with Chinese 听写 or 作文..
And believe you me, when you are the appointed Chinese rep in my schools, you ARE made to believe you are a freak of nature.

So, to embrace this fault of mine, this inadequacy, this idiosyncrasy, i shall embrace it and glorify it by:

FEATURING 成语 , 谚语 and 歇后语!

What’s the difference between the three?

*shrugs* I also don’t know.

成语: 狐假虎威
歇后语: 猪八戒照鏡子
谚语: 不管黑貓白猫,抓著老鼠就是好猫

I know!! It simply gets longer and longer!

For 成语, it is usually 4 letter word and is quite literal.
For 歇后语, it is somewhat like a riddle and you have to guess the meaning. Kinda like a sacarstic 成语.
And a 谚语 is just a way of talking in a roundabout manner about a simple thing, just so that you sound atas.

不管黑貓白貓,逮著老鼠就是好貓 literally means “doesn’t matter black cat or white cat, can catch mouse means is good cat”.

Doesn’t matter what mouse either.

猪八戒照鏡子 literally means “Pigsy (from Journey to the West) looks into a mirror”.

There is a followup line of “里外不是人” which translate the cryptic message into “non humane inside out”.

狐假虎威 fox fake tiger authority. Someone’s trying to act big because of powerful backings.

Legend has it that a tiger caught a fox one day and was about to devour it. The sly fox then sprung up and said “HEY YOU! You can’t eat me, you’ll be violating the laws of heaven! I’ve been sent from above to be the King of Beasts!”

The tiger 半信半疑 and upon seeing the suspicion on the tiger’s face, the fox immediately continued, “Take a walk with me through the jungle, and you shall see for yourself, all the animals scurrying away and cowering in fear!”

So the tiger went along with the fox, and true enough, everyone of them little furries scrambled away!

Hence, the tiger did not devour the fox!

Cool story eh?
That’s why I say 华语 COOL!

Jun '07


Go Shopping Siah.

I have not gone shopping for MORE THAN A MONTH.

No new clothes and my heels are so worn to the metal bits, I sound like a horse crossing the road.


Where’s my credit card!!

Oh no wait. I don’t have one.

Where’s my sugar daddy’s credit card?!!

Oh no wait. I also don’t have one.


Woe is me.

Jun '07

sorry lah

terribly sorry.
i’ve been too busy to be writing.

As you probably know, i’m busy manning the site on K3Uberme

Must write alot leh then must do bee deos and all.

Did i tell you i love twins?

OH and by the way, will the “passerby” please email me@miatan.com your contact details.

I would like to take you out for dinner.

At my favourite tucked away spot in Singapore.

Pweetty pwease?

Jun '07

Insult me today!

I have a brilliant idea.

Thanks to the various people who leave hurtful comments, i want to have this online competition.

Who can write me the most beautiful insults!

As you can read, none of those flamers could string a sentence properly together and i’ve yet to encounter an insult that’ll make me sit up, take note, and nod/laugh in agreement while marvellin at their apt choice of words.

So put on your thinking cap and start the word play today!

Here’s a few to inspire you:

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you.
But the roses are wilting, the violets are dead, the sugar bowl’s
empty and so is your head.

Kind, intelligent, loving and hot;
This describes everything you are not

My feelings for you no words can tell,
Except for maybe “go to hell”

I see your face when I am dreaming.
That’s why I always wake up screaming!

What inspired this amorous rhyme?
Two parts vodka, one part lime

Go on, do your best. It can’t possibly get any worse for me.

Jun '07

I’m ONE today!

This day a year ago, my site was launched.

Today, my blog has since garnered a grand total of : 130 posts and 799 comments.

Not bad la, not bad at all.

*pat on back*

So much has happened in the past year, i can’t quite believe i survived.


This handsome English man you see is Philip Baum, editor of an aviation security journal.
He was going on LIVE on CNN during my hijack, describing what could possibly be happening on board.
Interviewing aircrew and even hijackers to get a better understanding of possible situations and deriving counter techniques is part of the jobscope.

The rest of it he spends flying to various countries, giving seminars to airlines on aviation security.

And this was how i met him.

I received an email from him on 16th of Feburary:

Dear Mia

This may seem a strange enquiry…and I’d quite understand if you’d rather not have to think about the Turkish Airlines hijack any more…

BUT…I write to you as the Editor of “Aviation Security International”, the journal of airport and airline security. I have just returned from Istanbul where I interviewed the crew of the Turkish Airlines flight yo were on. Our aim was to get a true appraisal (so that other aircrew can learn how to manage such situations) of how each of the crewmembers felt during the incident, why they did what they did and their perspective of the hijacking after it concluded. The interview will appear in the April issue of the journal..and I would be more than happy to send you a copy once it is published.

The only thing missing is the passeneger perspective. I just found your details on the internet…and wondered whether you would be prepared to EITHER do a written interview (ie. I write some questions and you answer them by email) OR simply write an account of what happened in article format.

Key things we’d like to know are: a little background about you and why you were in Albania; who you were travelling with; any suspicious behaviour at the airport or on boarding; when you first realised somewthing was wrong; when (and how) you realised you’d been hijacked; mood of passengers on realising what happened; how it ended (from your perspective); how the Italian authorities treated you; how you continued on your journey.

Aside from the interview/article, the information you provide may be used in aircrew training. I spend most of my professional life training aircrew in hijacker and disruptive passenger management (see www.avsec.com). Indeed, I’ll be in Singapore in April carrying out such training…

I look forward to hearing from you.

Philip Baum
Editor, Aviation Security International (www.asi-mag.com)
Managing Director, Green Light Ltd. (www.avsec.com)
London, UK

And that was how it started to me writing for his journal and finally meeting him here in Singapore when he came to give 5 day seminar to international airlines at SIA centre.

I can only think of the word “ordain” when I first saw him.
How he found me off the net, through the various emails, and finally understanding all that has happened on that fateful flight.

Apparently, the captain of my plane, Captain Mürsel Gökalp, was locked in the cockpit with the hijacker, believing that there were THREE of them in total, taking over control of the plane.

Thankfully, he was alert and calm enough to be constantly radio-ing ground, announcing that he is acceding to the hijacker’s demands and will detour to Rome, Italy.

As security measures have been put in since 9-11, Greek fighter jets escorted our flight en-route to Italy, with the permission to take out our plane should anything be amiss.

The captain recalled that during the 9-11, none of the pilots radio-ed in because they were murdered, so by constantly contacting ground, he hoped to reassure them that he is STILL the one in control of the plane.

And because of that simple but crucial move, he saved all our lives.

It was actually quite chilling to hear Philip describe it to me and realise how close I’d come to losing it all.

read about it here and my account here

And I attended my first flight seminar where i was the only non aviation crew.
Retold the story of the hijack to the class and of cause Philip didn’t fail to mention that SIA actually turned me down for flight attendant TWICE.
Must be missing something here.

And on the topic of survival, it’s been 7 months full time at my friend’s ad agency and that ranks top in survival tips. A girl’s gotta earn her keep you know, so i’ve sold my soul to the devil. hyak hyak!

Also, choose your friends wisely.
This i’ve learnt the painful way after realising what hypocrites some people can be. Even though you’ve known them in school since the tender age of 7 and graduated together.
Weird huh.

Enough of all these sombre tones on a supposedly joyous occasion.

Happy happy Birthday to me and my nephew Winston Jin!
Celebrate the reasons, no matter of validity, of being alive!

Jun '07

que pasa!

Que Pasa (pronounced kaey par sar) is a very universal term.

It means many a different thing in various languages.

In the Spanish speaking colonies, it means “Wazzzzup” yo my hommies!

e.g hola chicas! que pasa! (hey chicks! wazzup!)

In the Malay chit chatting community, it could mean “Your problem lah!”

e.g “Eh how, I broke the $300,000 lamp how?”

“Que Pasa lah!”

In the Hokkien slang, it means an entirely different thing.

e.g “Eh que tor lor?” (eh going where?)

Que Pasa!” (going to market!)

Jun '07

Luxurious Living

Guess where i went on a holiday?

Give you some clues……

yes….you are almost right…..on the beach…..

Or rather a very very very deserted island…….


otherwise known as the luxurious island.

There was no one out there except us, so it feels like we’ve got our very own private beach!

Chilling out and having a picnic with wine, stinky cheese and meats.

Ok, i dont mean the boys are stinky or cheesy though i DO see them as meats.

David demonstrates using my K3’s glossy surface as a grooming device.
Men can be SO VAIN sometimes.

We walked around the island, planning a beach cleanup for our future enjoyment….and i found….


and then we saw…….

over at the other bend, THERE WERE CONSTRUCTION GOING ON!

Building roads and a ferry terminal so that Singaporeans have another place to holiday in?


That, or some 2000 luxurious homes for the superich who wants to live on luxurious island.

Well, enjoy it while we still can.

With me and my K3.

Don’t you just wish the same?