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Apr '07

Oh mother.

I am glad that Mother Nature have chosen my home, to show me the wonders she can create.

For several days now, i keep seeing this lizard in my garage.
Mum says she sometimes see it on our shoe racks.

A month ago, i was in the shower. And i felt something at my feet. With soap in my eyes, i thought it was a bundle of fallen hair clumped at my feet, so i tried to rinse and shake it off.
Then i looked down and realised it was a baby lizard!!
The poor thing was trying to scramble away from the hot water!

I stopped the shower, stepped out, took some toilet paper and carefully picked it up and dried it off before letting it go, scurrying for safety.

Crazy right? I know, but i love lizards lah.

And, the shrub at my backyard, has an annual nesting.
I’m not sure what’s the breed, it’s brown with a white head and long tapered beak.

It’s been occuring for years now, almost twice a year, they would build a nest in the shrub and lay 2 eggs each time.

Tell me it doesn’t look like those easter cadbury chocloate speckled eggs.

It hatches into 2 tiny birdlings. Both nestled against each other, hairless and all pink & boney.

Over the days as i monitored them, everytime the leaves are parted, each will vye for attention by opening their tiny beaks, straining their shrivelled neck to expose the red throat that supposedly stimulates the motherly instinct in the mummy bird to stuff the wormy food in their mouths.

I think that somehow they resemble human babies except that babies make a hell lot more noise and are so annoying that i want to stuff soiled diapers down their throats.

Unfortunately, it is common that only 1 survives. This is due to either out of neglect or poaching by other animals.

And when their feathers are fully fluffed, they can be found perching on the lower branches of the shrub, learning to stretch their wings and take to the sky.

Kinda like babies too, right?

Apr '07

What’s his name again?

The guy in black, bottom left which someone found so familiar is my “partner” for the show.

Here’s a better look at him.

Cant remember his name now tho.

Apr '07

Knit me a beautiful body

did a Bodynits fashion show competition 2 weekends ago with Joanna.

She won the Bodynits Calendar Model Search and we ALL are gonna be featured in the 2008 calendar!!

how bery bery wwwwwwwunderfooool!

Apr '07

‘allo ‘allo


Main star of popular British BBC comedy series ‘Allo ‘Allo

Gordon Kaye, have been spotted along Bukit Pasoh of Singapore.

Turns out, the once critically acclaimed actor has pursued his passion for culinary delights and devoted to making german cusines at this bistro called Magma.


This generous dish of mussels consomme (already half eaten before i remembered to take a shot), was delightfully sweet and light.

Trivia for the day: Mussels are only available during the months that have ‘R’ in them. September - April

And over here, there’s a selection of german wine and I spotted this special beer.


i figured it is anti aging because after a couple of cans, it makes you lose track of time and leaves you with no recollection of your past.


Not bad right?
Give that grandpa an AA beer.

Apr '07

Michelin makes better tyres than food

When i first read the papers about The Crystal Mirror, i knew i just had to bring Eugene there for his surprise birthday dinner.

Before you think it is some gimmick where they have performing monkeys while you tuck into some over-priced, tiny-sized dinners, well, you are partially right.

No animals were harmed during the course of the show, and the food portions, though small, was quite filling.

I was quite disappointed when i saw the size of the tent.
I sorta imagined a cirque du soliel-ish tent filled with thousands of mirrors inside that’s like one of those laughing mirror houses in circuses.

Despite all these, they have one of the PRETTIEST makeshift toilets i’ve ever seen!

I only had enough moolah to buy the cheapest tickets and boy, was i thankful for that too.
The area isn’t very big, so we weren’t that far from the stage and since the food, prepared by Michelin (the oscar equivalent in culinary skills) chefs, is standard throughout all the pricing categories, there was really no need for extravagence.
Seated in a booth with another Australian couple from Perth, we found out that it was the husband’s 57th birthday!

YAY! two birthday boys coincidentally put together! Fate works in the most mysterious ways sometimes.


The show started with the AMAZING blonde acrobatic twins.
Man, they are lean muscle machines!
Pablo taking a photo with me after the show, together with his twin Pierre.

Jojo Weiss cracks up the crowd with his amazing mouth. The sounds that leave those lips, leave you gasping.
He can imitate just about anything!!!! From animals to people, he even did a Flying Dutchman, “Good Morning Singapore, you are tuned in to Class 95 FM”.

Tom Noddy. This guy gives the meanest blow.
He can make bubbles within bubbles, baby bubbles, cube bubbles, bubble “carousel” spiraling within bubbles!
He was very candid tho when he joked about how his father must have felt, having a son growing up, who does nothing but play with soapy water all day.

And now, allow me to present Andreas Wessels.
I first caught a glimpse of him rehearsing just before the show and i was bowled over.
He was juggling 6 volley-sized balls.
I would like to juggle his balls. *giggles*

His second set, when he came on for a comedic segment with Jojo, had him juggling ping pong balls with his mouth!!
He must have noticed me when we went to ask for his autograph on the programme during one of the meal breaks, cause after his performance just before he exited, he threw a pingpong ball over at my table.
Gleefully, i picked it up.
It was glistening in the dim candle light. Coated with his saliva.
Awww how very sexy. I quickly popped it into my mouth.

And the way he told eugene, after the show when the above photo was taken, “Hey, you take good care of her” that was soooooo MAN.
SO MAN i tell you.

did i mention that he’s really tall too?
In the photo, i’m already tiptoe-ing in my heels and he had to slouch alittle so the composition dont look too lop-sided.

awwwwwww. allow me to swoooon once again.

Note: Some artistes are not featured in this entry, i.e hula hoop talent, singers, contortionist and the live band.

The Crystal Mirror is playing at the PADANG til 29th April.
They do not perform on MONDAYS, day off for them to experience and explore our sunny island.
Tickets sold at SISTIC.
If you do go, tell Andreas I’ll go to Germany with him!

Apr '07

food for thought

My friend’s ad agency is at Craig Road and I’ve been working there for the past 5 months already.

There’s a wet market along tanjong pagar with kickass foodstalls on the second floor.

Almost every stall is draped with at least one, if not several, of those Mediacorp/Makansutra/Life! rave reviews.

Either we are having an overdose of these food programs or all the good food stalls are found here.

And there’s one particular stall i patronise on a religious regime.

Hor fun: $0.30
Chicken Shreds: $0.70
Mushrooms: $0.50
Wanton: $0.50

All home made by a granny way past her 70s: PRICELESS


Somehow i hoped that my daily lunches will catalyst her retirement.
Then, she said she can’t stop working.
Now that’s the spirit.