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Mar '07

aiyoooo soooo cute!

Remember i said 2 posts down, that it’s time for drinks with that cute angmoh from NbyN soon?

And i said, furthur 2 posts down, i prefer Asian men?

See, fate has this irrinnoying habit of making you swallow your words just as it leaves the keyboard.
How many times has it happened, that the more you are adamant about something, the exact opposite will come true and you look like a fool.

And just how cute is cute?

This cute.


ahuh ahuh. THIS cute.


Is he cute or wat!!!

Mar '07

All that Ritz Glitz

Let me set the stage right.

The double J team, Joshua and Joanna, dating for 2 years, are not allergic to fun and booze.
Daniel, is Joanna’s baby brother who’s not so baby anymore.
Chris, is the (oh-speak-french-to-me-you-sexy-man) French Man
Min is the current beautiful (and oh-so-lucky) boyfriend of Chris.
Diana is my partner in crime.

It’s no secret.
We LOVE Ritz. We LOVE clean crisp white sheets. We LOVE the voyuerism of the bathroom.
We embrace and adore and worship and grovel for the service, panaromic view, superb freeflow canapes and bubbly sweet champagne at the club room on the top floor.

And this is how much we love Ritz.

Now say it again with me.

We Love Ritz.

Mar '07

where you!

aiyo. no mood to write. no inspiration to conjure up words.

now no even have the time to sleep.


all because of you.

charmaine’s gone on exam leave for the whole week.

my future is bleak.

Mar '07

Naughty but oh so nice


Please proceed with caution.

The images accompanying this entry are untouched and not edited, only resized for web publication.

It is to be presented in its raw form and in true honesty.

It may also cause slight discomfort to some.


I was referred by an anonymous apparition for a complimentary makeover at Naughty By Nature, and at the end of the shoot, i get to keep 2 of my best shots “America’s Next Top Model” style.

Not too keen to go intially, been to too many makeover studios and had too many crappy photos out of those, I don’t have much faith in this image consultant that I’ve never even heard of.

Armed with a cynical and a “let’s just get it over and done with quick” attitude, I stepped into the shophouse that spans 3 storeys of creative work.

The reception area bowled me over. To my right, there were rows of iMacs and many clients viewing their “after” shots.
The lounging area had most of the fashion mags on the table.

I was greeted by, guess what?!, an angmoh. Looking very young and all eager to please, he took me through the basic expectations of the shoot.

Aiya not my first time shooting what, i thought sniggering.

“Over here, we make the shoot fun and amazing so just relax, and enjoy yourself. At the end of the shoot, you will love the shots we present to you.”

ya ya ya. can we move along now?

At the makeup room, there were almost 10 makeup artists and hairstylists and ALL of them were busy with some clients.

Woah, i thought. This is quite a big scale studio huh. And the wardrobe they have are massive! From costumes to ballroom gowns, you can be catwoman one minute and Princess Fiona the next.

Seated to get my first casual look makeup done, I knew i was in safe hands when I saw a familiar face, Lorraine, who did my makeup for the Miss Singapore World pageant in ‘05.

In the white room (the room is all white duh), I had a “warm up” shoot with Sam who made me roll all over the floor, star jump and frame myself with a hula hoop. She quickly snapped away and I was released unharmed.

I was more excited about the 2nd look, as I had a firm idea of what I wanted out of it. I had brought along the dress, asked for my hair to be curled and eyes smoked.

The cute angmoh was back in a different room this time, with photographer Kelvin.

We had briefly flipped through some mags and agreed on a more fashion angle earlier, during the “getting-to-know-you-so-must-make-small-talk” time at the lounge area.
So he also seemed to have an idea of what he wanted out of it.

He dealt me some poses with a sofa, some time balancing precariously on one high heel and some time tantric moves.

I hoped then, that what he had in mind was also what i envisioned.

Well, turns out, there was no cause for worry.
And when he said I would love the shots presented to me, he wasn’t lying.


And here are the 2 best shots.

Again, I remind you that the following photos are not photoshopped.

Want some gorgeous shots of yourself? And candid images of your kids? How about heartwarming photos of the family?

They are so exclusive that walk-ins are not entertained. Only referrals.
So book yourself an appointment with Naughty by Nature at 6511 1171.

Oh, it’s time again for some drinks with that cute angmoh soon. ;P

Mar '07

This is not very nice, is it?

I love sashimi.
I thought I could live in Japan.

Can I really?

Mar '07

Swimming Instructor

I am in need of a swimming instructor. Preferably one who has experience dealing with small children and babies. Coz i wail like a baby and thrash around the water like a small kid, even though i can stand head and shoulders above in a 1.2m pool.

Interested parties, please send your resume to me@miatan.com.

Last friday, i caught the opening night of acclaimed local play, The Swimming Instructor.
Judging by the men to women ratio in the studio, the rainbow community are out to show their support for the play.

It’s about 1 swimming instructor, 1 art director of an ad agency (sooooo cuteeeee!) and 1 hot, spoilt girl with one of those rich family tragic stories.
Two of them are in love & lust with the swimming instructor who, despite the simple, down-to-earth nature, has a disturbing habit of sinking himself to the bottom of the pool.

Overall, it was quite a digestable play, nothing too heavy or trying too hard to be “artsy”.
Won’t spoil much here, except that you can expect to see half naked bodies!

Performance Dates & Time
Fri 9 to Sun 18 March 2007
8pm daily (except Mon) plus 3pm on Sat & Sun
Venue: The Room Upstairs
ACTION Theatre’s 42 Waterloo Street

Tickets Prices
$35 (Matinee)
$40 (Tue, Wed, Sun Nights)
$45 (Thu, Fri, Sat Nights)

On a separate sadder note, Artistic Director of Wayang Warehouse Dennis Tan has passed away on 11th March 2007 on 12.41pm due to hodgkins lynphoma.
Though i’ve not worked with him, it is disheartening to lose a young artistic talent.

This site has an old article of him:

So please do show your support for local productions!!!

Mar '07

i am so SPG

Headed to New Asia Bar on a Saturday night prowl with the girls.


Here are the culprits who chickened out in the end.

Supermodel Joanna, Image consultant Diana, Hijack Queen Mia

I’ve always known myself to be an angmoh magnet, thereby cementing my SPG status. Once again, that night, the theory has proven itself again.

Dancing with Di, a group of 5 angmohs closed in on us.
Standing in taxi queue, group of angmohs behind us were very noisy. One guy then tried to pick me up by apologizing for his friends rowdy behaviour.
Getting off a taxi, another angmoh shouted at me in the queue, “Hey i love the flower in your hair!”
Aiya, go pluck your own at the hotel entrance lah.
There was another cute “ABC edison chen type” who got off the taxi with him. WHY WASN’T HE THE ONE WHO SPOKE TO ME?!

Haiya. Despite all that SPGness traits i possess, i still prefer Asian men.

Mar '07

eat your heart out

Move aside Kenny.

There’s a new prince in the blogosphere.
Loyalty is no longer pledged and adoration is no longer upon you.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Plebians and Wannabes,

may I unveil the Tyrant of Truffles, Cannibal of Chocolates, Prince of Pralines!!

This cutey, complete with the boyish looks and squinty single eyelids which i absolutely adore, makes his own chocolates and sells them with love!

It seems he have come a long way, from going against parental guidance to cajoling friends to purchase his pralines, and to finally be able to promote his chocs on radio, CNA and IS magazines!

So do visit his site http://juliustrufflesdiary.blogspot.com and get addicted!