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Feb '07

Singapore Slung

Sitting on deck chairs, sipping on cocktails, against the backdrop of a sunset beach, we did something totally unromantic.

Kenny and me started conjuring up new alcoholic mixes.

For starters, we have Whiskey High and Dry.

Ingredients for a Whiskey High and Dry:

* Whiskey
* Sugar Cane Juice
* Lemon Slice
* Ice

Serves one in a rock glass.


Then the Rum Cha Cha

Ingredients for a Rum Cha Cha

* Rum
* Chin Chow
* Jelly cubes
* Ice

Serves one in a highball glass.


Ready for a sweet apertif?

Have a Baileys Bandung!

Ingredients for a Baileys Bandung:

* Baileys
* Rose Syrup
* Milk
* Ice

Serves one in a Collins Glass


Or try the latest Chestini!

Ingredients for a Chestini:

* Water Chestnut juice
* Vodka
* Chestnut fruit pulp

Shake well, strain into a martini glass, and serves one.

The next time i visit MOS, i should ask the bartender for Bailey’s Soya Bean.
You think they’ll throw me out?

Feb '07

be envious

yes….be VERY envious.

i’ve almost obtained all my feburary wish list!!!

Perfume: $260 per 75ml

Phone: $298

Gold Rings: $195 for 5gms

Sentosa Entry: $0

To have drinks with Kenny Sia alone by the beach, watching the sunset @ Cafe Del Mar:


Feb '07


gong xi gong xi gong xi gong xi ni!

happy lunar new year!

Wishing for all the health, wisdom, goodness, happiness and prosperity in the new year ahead!

Feb '07

Love Yourself.


i think i still will.

Before you ask of love from anyone, you should always love yourself first.
And that don’t mean narcissism.

Embrace your physical image and determine your self worth.

I was quite relieved when i saw DOVE’s campaign for real beauty ads, on TV and in the trains.


Imagine how much self esteem that would have saved me?

You are looking at me when i was 14. How I lived with myself, i do not know.
I’m surprised i even took photos at all. I should be throwing myself off the school block.

Like every lil girl, there were dreams of prince charming, happily ever after and beautiful gowns, belle of the ball but they were mere illusions.

Never had big doe eyes, no petite dolly nose, skin was nowhere near fair porcelain and it’s crowning gory for me.

Not part of the hip crowd, neither fashionable nor very academically inclined, i was average.

And that is sad news to a teenager when life then, was all about individuality.

When the most popular girl group get selected for lead roles in a school shakesperian play and you are just a plebian with no lines, the envy surfaces.
Yet deep down inside, you believe you just aint good enough.

When the boys from the school next door huddle around your classmates at the bustop, you believe you ain’t worth a glance.

When the teachers compliment the brightest girl in class, it just serves to remind you of your own stupidity when you couldn’t give an intelligent answer.

And the cycle continues until the spotlight is focused on you, for the very first time.
Unsure of how to behave or respond, you screw up as you believed you would.

If you are growing up the way i did, or have already been down that path, stop it.
Life is too short, youth is even shorter.

Don’t waste it wallowing in self pity, in hope that some knight will sweep you off your feet and carry you into the sunset.

Stop fretting over your single eyelids and how it makes your eyes look like a fishball.
It is beautiful you can see.

Stop tripping over your tall, gangly awkward self.
It is freedom you can run.

Stop hanging your head when you speak with people.
I couldn’t even buy my own recess because i was afraid to speak up.
Now you can’t even get me to shut up.

The year I went into Secondary School, my principal, Ms Rosalind Heng, was giving an opening speech to all the newbies.
I remember very clearly, she said “Some of you are from the old (pri) school, some are from other schools. Don’t worry, all of you are the same! When you step into the bathroom, everyone’s the same.”

From then on, everyone in my world walks about naked with a funny shower cap on their heads.

Fortunately, i’ve a bunch of close friends who went through those cranky years with me.null
Happy Valentine’s Day to yourself!

Feb '07

the “love myself” wish list

The following are the things i wanna get in the month of Feburary.

1. Sony Ericsson K800i in brown

2. Fitness First membership

3. Perfume

4. The Betrayal at House on the Hill board game

5. Facial & Massage packages

I expect massive haemorrhage of my bank account by the time i’m done.


Feb '07

Bid for a Valentine’s Date today!

Like all the other scrupulous merchants who make you sell both kidneys for a bouquet of flowers to please your annoying girlfriend this Saint Valentine’s Day (what’s so holy about that?!), I’ve decided to venture into my first business idea after a bright bulb exploded above my head beside my bed.

This first came about when Gene put himself up on MSN for “Vday Sale” and I’m getting comment queries about dating my friend Jaslin.


Do you always feel lonely on Valentine’s Day?
Seeing couples walking down the street makes you hang your head and stare at your shoes?
Wished that you have a beautiful someone on your arm?

Everyone deserves to be laid loved.

And over here, we have just the hottest dates for you.
Ranging from C-list celebrities and models, to the boy/girl-next door, or even the geeky co-worker type you fancy in the office, you can have your date tailored to your fantasy.

In our Initial Public Offering, we are proud to present:


Yes, you’ve seen them on T.V, on the papers, the magazines, you close your eyes and wished they would go away but noooooooo…….here they are on your cable bandwidth too!

Now you can bid on your favourite local Reality TV Stars, and the final auction price will be donated to a local charity of your choice.

Item no #04931

Weighing in at 150lbs and 5ft8″, this hot date is born on 1st April but he’s no joke. This fiery Aries will light up your passion and have you squealing in delight.
A budding entrepeneur at age 28, promoting childhood imagination, you are looking at a man who loves children!
You’re most likely to remember him as the upfront no nonsense dude who “will punch your f*cking face” from the very first reality tv show Eye for a Guy Season 1.

Beneath that tougher than thou exterior, he’s a gentle giant who’s musically talented.
Imagine being seranaded on the guitar by this hunk, on the beach during sunset, and sipping on chilled champagne.
This date is so full of surprises, you’ll feel as if you are dating 3 different guys all together!


Item no #09856

Standing at 1.73m tall, Sagittarius and born in the year of the Horse, you are looking at a 29 year old STUD!
First claim to fame in SPIN, a teenage drama series on ch5. You may have spotted him in KFC, Standard Charted ads and remember him as the guy who drew Denise Keller a beautiful painting in the latest season of Eye For a Guy 2.


Many have said he bears resemblance to Chinese popstar Wang Lee Hom, so if you are a fan, bid now!!

Item no #01552

We apologise for the lack of item no #01552.
Brief brush with fame in A Light Affair, he disappeared right after the season ended.


Despite our efforts to rein him on board our selection of Reality TV stars, he’s turned us down time and again, citing busy filming schedules in Burkina Faso, where he is now based.

We respect his decision and wish him well in his latest hobby of Pilates, and hopefully, have him start his own Pilates studio here in Singapore.

All the reality TV stars listed above start with a bidding price of S$30 and does not include any expenses incurred during the date.
Other terms and conditions apply.

If you are interested in securing a date, please enter your bid via the comments segment in this format.


Stay tuned for our 2nd dish out of yummilicious Valentine’s Dates!