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Jan '07

scent and scentsability

I had a very educating life lesson today.
All my adult life, i’ve always thought fragrances and perfumes were sold over the counters at departmental stores, and sometimes at some dodgy shops that sells a hugeass bottle for only $10.

Tucked away at the quaint Raffles Hotel, there’s a shop Escentials (also found at Tangs) that sells really exquisite parfums.
I was informed that these are the REAL perfumes.
So all along, i’ve been spritzing really good grade A fakes.

Stepping into the shop, there were shelves stacked with beautifully crafted bottles (women sometimes buy fragrance based on the bottle), labelled with names that i would imagine to be tongue twisters in Montenegro & Serbia.

The sales assistant, Leandra(she seemed more a Phd holder in Perfumery) first shot me a few questions.

“Do you like floral, fruity, citrus or sandalwood?”

Errrr…floral will be best.

“Floral fruity is ok?”


“What kind of flowers do you like? Roses or Jasmine?”

I wanted to be funny and say I really like frangipani mixed angsana, with a hint of ixora and bougainvilla.


She proceeded to choose a few scents for me and introduced the various brands from Italy and France, some from London and that they are made from all natural scents, some are even handmade (as opposed to industrially produced Fabuloso i guess)

I sorta fell in love at first scent with Creed’s Love in White, which has Magnolia, Narcissus and White Hyacinth with Fresh Grass on a base of White Iris and Vanilla, a full bouquet of white flowers, thus the name.

Another which i loved was Annick Goutal’s Petite Cherie.
It has a sweet peach and vanilla, musk rose and freshly cut grass, smells just like eating Chupa Chups peaches and cream in a park.

Leandra then informed me Drew Barrymore loves that fragrance too.

She said i should try both, one on each hand, and go around with it for the day to experience the high notes, mid tone and bass tone.
The high notes are the very first whiff of the spritz, which usually lasts 15 minutes. It is the freshest sharpest scent.
The mid tone kicks in for the next hour or two or three depending on the oils of your skin and it’s usually this that most people will smell on you.
The bass tones are what’s left if you dont reapply, it can be a toned down muskier version of the mid tones.

Didn’t know there’s so much to learn about scents.

After returning to the office (after a super long lunch), i decided i liked neither.
White love is too vanilla-ish and a little offensive after a while.
Petite Cherie is well…too petite. It lost its scent almost completely after 30 minutes.

My friend who brought me there then headed back to the shop, to discuss with Leandra about the possible scents i would like, and he popped by my office to drop off furthur 5 samples for me.

Awww…. talk about attentiveness.

I really like the Creed’s Spring Flower now.

And the Folavril by Annick Goutal.

Let’s see if the notes are melodiously in tune.

Jan '07

Looooveee is in the air!

Valentine’s day is 2 weeks away.

For those of you who would like to send Princess Mia a piece of your heart, (or a piece of your mind also can), please send me all your love letters, gift cards and little blue boxes via my little cupid messenger.

My little cupid messenger, aka MLCM, is licensed to deliver all your wuffy duffy messages to your cuddly snuggly little one.

For this limited Valentine’s offer, when everything is ridiculously overpriced on this sentimental day, you’ll be pleased to know that, MCLM not only have the love of your life in mind, MCLM has also learnt from J.Lo that Love don’t cost a thing (ya right).

So, break your piggy banks for that little high school crush of yours!

Chocolate Bouquets @ cut throat prices!

7 Rocher bouquet: S$12.90
9 Rocher bouquet: S$15.90
11 Rocher bouquet: S$18.90

Special chocoflower bundles @ slit wrist prices!

3 roses & 6 Rocher bouquet: S$15.90!
3 roses & 9 Rocher bouquet: S$15.90!

Additional Rocher/rose added to each bouquet will be charged @ S$1/stalk (rocher) and S$1.50/stalk (rose)

And with value added service, all the above items come with a FREE HEART SHAPED CARD for you to pen your love notes!

Customised orders are troublesome but MLCM will do it for you anyway!

For delivery (within Singapore only, JB and batam not included), there will be a S$10 charge.

MLCM accept POSB Saving fund transfer or Cash on Delivery.
In view of overwhelming sales, MLCM closing date for all orders will be 11/02/07.

Please contact Jaslin by sending her an email at rosesnchocz@yahoo.com.sg

Ok ok? Jaslin my friend lah.

She likes to do these little twinklets stuff and she promised me an hour massage if i post this for her.
And yes her massage is so kickass im willing to sell out.

Jan '07

all the wild women out the back door

It was a wild night at CDM.
Here presenting the beautiful people i met there.

First up, Jay who’s my ticket to the event.

Kyer and Tia, coupled with Mia, we are the new PowerPuff girls ready to take on the world!

‘cept that they are all but 19. I think I better audition for the role of the old villian witch.

Then i saw Matthew, the poor guy covering for FashionTV

while Tobi, who took me around Cebu, nullgoes gallavanting.

Here’s Jo Wee with Ziv,
love that crotchet top. and what’s inside it.

Didn’t exactly see Sara there though here’s proof that she is also a parteeee animaaal!

And whose presence oughta be felt at all events?


By the time my colleague melvin turned up, i was pretty sloshed.

And while surfing mkop.com.sg, i found my other pix there!!

In November, i attended an event at Xi Yan with Ron, 2 doors away from where i now work, their 1st anniversary celebration.
Xi Yan is a conceptual fine dining restaurant whereby, like a wedding dinner, you RSVP and turn up not knowing what’s on the 8 course menu for the night.

Lastly, just a quick plug for ACTION THEATRE’s new offering “Everything But the Brain“. It’s playing from now til sunday at the Esplanade. Go watch lah. I caught it on tuesday. Enough material for another blog entry. So wait lah wait.

Jan '07

eh. go get your own scratch post.

’nuff said.

Jan '07

my hand glows in the dark

Man. that was one hell of a night.

waiting for pictures to come in from the horny good people at mkop.com.sg

CafeDelMar was jammmmmmed packed. can’t really enjoy the place much, even with the amazing self refilling carlsberg bottles.

MOS had 19 lambos parked in their garage. I knew mao’s would be somewhere in there. He’s too stuck up drunk prolly to even say hi. Bah.

Clinic at cannery was quite subdued. Or was it just me. Quiet room, drinks and i can hear my tummy protest against the amount of beer and whiskey that’s going into it empty.

Never before have i gone home so early in spite of all the chops and band on my wrist. Newton, was my final stop for bak chor mee and sugar cane!!! Dinner at 3am at last!

Jan '07

Afterlife - Sunrise (CDM vol.8)

ho lah ho lah.

fight la fight. bitch bitch. *meow*

i don’t write liao lah.

i’m done.

it’s freaking friday. off to cafe del mar.

give me a break.


Jan '07

i am so privileged.

Or in my friend’s words:
“You can get away with almost anything huh.”

We were over at Raffles Hotel Bar and Billiard for after work drinks and i was craving for desserts after our light bite at Seah Street Deli.
The waiters were clearing the buffet tables when we got seated.

I saw trays of chocolate truffles and pralines sitting prettily on bar top, beckoning me.
Walking over to salivate admire the dainty chocs, a chef came out from behind the bar and asked, “Good evening mam, is there anything i can help you with?”

Sure you can help by dishing me those chocolates!!

“Erm, are you clearing out the buffet table already?”

“Yes mam, anything i can get you before everything is cleared?”

“Are these for the buffet only?”

“Yes mam, they are for the buffet.”

“Can i order dessert off the menu?”

“No mam, i’m afraid you cant. Dessert and everything else here is for the buffet only.”

“Oh. Okie. Then neh mind la. We not here for buffet, only drinks. Is ok. thank q u ah.”

I walked back to the seat, dejected.
My friend, being the gentleman he is, tried to cajole our waiter to bring us some dessert but all the waiter could say was, “Er sorry sir, my first week at work la. I don’t know if i can do that. sorry ah. I really not sure. my first week you see…”

And while he was standing there telling us his lifelong employment history, a waitress came by our table and placed a plate of chocolates on it.

She beckoned to the chef while pointing to the plate of pralines.
Woaaaa talk about service!! The chef got the waitress to bring us the complimentary chocolates!!

I smiled and thanked the chef who’s still by the bar. I must have looked pretty desperate to him.
Well, i do almost get away with anything i guess.

Unlike this handsome chap here.


He’s been found guilty of rape in the Philippines.

And I had absolutely no idea what was happening on the other end of the blogosphere until i saw comments on my previous posts.
Kenny happened to be online, so who else better to consult than the prince of blogosphere.
He managed to coax me into reading Wendy’s blog again.
I didnt manage to get very far but yea yea i got the story, and we went into a lengthy discussion about it.
Kenny and me that is. He wanted to know what’s my take on it. The blog entry not just the entire court case.

Sometimes, yes we may be quick to sympathise and point fingers but there are always two sides to a coin and in times when there’s only your words against the other, the truth may get distorted.
That’s why we have laws. To have a common consensus (which is hopefully more often right than wrong) and a common governing rule.


Your honour, based on the above presented evidence, may we press charges of 1st degree hypocrisy?

Jan '07

it all started with a kiss

if you are expecting a kiss and tell story, you are at the wrong site.

I fell in love with a drama story when i first watched the original japanese version of the adapted manga, itazura na kiss.
And that was also the first time i went ga ga over a japanese actor. 柏原 崇

Takashi Kashiwabara
Watch the video if you don’t agree with me.

He is just so damn cute lor.
Watch the video over and again till you agree with me.

Then i watched the taiwanese version of it.
(don’t know if it is the version of the manga, or version of the jap version of the manga, or a version on its own or wat wat)

I went ga ga over the actor too.

鄭元暢 Joe Zheng Yuan Chang

Watch the video if you are not convinced and watch it over and over again till you are.

He is also damn cute lor.


Decisions decisions decisions.

Jan '07

so you wanna be a beauty queen too?

I realised quite a number of girls read my blog.
So….all the women, independent throw your hands up with me!
This is dedicated to you, who deep down inside still harbour the girlish dream of doing the pageant wave.

And whilst i had to deal with the comments that i’m too fugly, too pear shaped, cannot be ms singapore, bad representation, too dumb to give answers, i just shove it down my bra, hike up my panties and stride it out on stage.

With little understanding of pageants and the negative connotation that comes with parading in bikinis on stage, people are often too quick to criticise.

I remember watching Miss Universe year after year and i find myself saying “eeeyer, she got fat thighs, yucks her nose so flat, are those buck teeth?”

That is, until I catwalked a mile in their highheels shoes.

There are various hurdles before a girl gets her ticket to the international stage.

It’s takes either a damn lot of guts to step out on stage or it’s just overflowing ego that propells you into the limelight.

Local audition: depending on the prestige of the pageant, usually 50-300 girls will apply for the pageant to be held in their home country.
Selected 20 girls will then go through various rounds of swimwear, elegant gowns, sports attire, Q&A and proceed through heats, semis and finals.


Finals is exceptionally difficult because aside from memorising the choreographed stage positions, the girls are also expected to dance with grace and lithe while having butterflies in their stomachs, balancing precariously on their 5 inch stiletos and having their smiles plastered on for so long that the facial muscles start to twitch involuntarily.

The fact that you know that every inch of you is being scrutinised right down to your very last pubic hair (that’s why a brazilian wax is highly recommended), will kinda make your balls guts shrink.

Once you survive all that and emerge victorious, congratulations, you are just about ready to fight tooth and claw with the girls from all around the world.

Firstly ,it’s a delicate balance. You have to be proud of who you are and yet appear humble enough (just in case you lose lah).
All that talk about, everyone’s a winner, that’s bullshit lah.
There can only be one winner. Duh.
It’s just a nicer way of saying that you suck but you dont suck all that bad.

Secondly, please be armed.
And i don’t mean scissors to cut gowns, pins to prick boobs, lighter to burn up hair etc.
Arm yourself with
a) lots of padding
b) lots of hair pins/safety pins
c) various makeup colors/brushes
d) accessories.
e) cup noodles and chocolates. Food can earn you alot of friends in foreign lands. (and secure you a Miss Congeniality title! who says titles can’t be bought!)

Thirdly, do go with an open mind, to interact with the girls, to enjoy yourself and have the experience of your lifetime. I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true.

Most pageants (both local and international) will arrange for the girls to do some charity work, usually orphanages or some women’s cause.
It was amazing how little gifts of stick on tattoos could brighten up these children, simply because they don’t have much to begin with.
I left that place with mixed feelings. Of helplessness, yet with a dash of gratitude. Sad that I couldn’t do more for them, thankful for my fulfilling life.

And there are only 2 universal languages; english isn’t one of them.
Complete strangers bond over 1. music and 2. cigarettes.
Never mind that there’s no common language; we all bop to the same tune and they’ll laugh hysterically over puffs.

The worst part of the whole experience is not results announcement. It is saying good bye.
Being in close proximity with each other in a foreign land, we were forced to bond and look out for each other despite it being a competition. Comforting and sharing, fighting back fatigue and being homesick.

i miss them terribly now.

For those interested to find out more about pageants and the works, do check out Global Beauties, it is a pageant encyclopedia.

Jan '07

happpeeee new year!!

(me with my new fugly fringe au naturale. this is after 3 weeks of growing it out. thank goodness my hair grows fast)

it’s a whole new year coming ahead of me, i don’t know what to expect or what to hope for.

Reflecting on the past year, i’ve tried to remember the things that mattered, things that hurt, things that excited, and things that didnt bother.

The year kicked off with a doggie fashion show i choreographed at Lot One and in February, I went for a drive in johor.
My friend had arranged for a total stranger pick me up at 630am outside my house and i was a little apprehensive getting into the car, but somehow the driver, in his own quiet demeanour, put me at ease that early morning.
Maomao was someone i’d met only twice but i hold him in high esteem because i’ve always felt he had a huge heart.
That was also the first time i experienced going down the roads at 240km/hr and leaving my brains behind.

End of the first quarter, old friend Mick sent me packing for Cebu where i toured his film school and shot for FashionTV. That was also the first time i’ve been to the Philippines. Little did I know I would have alot more to do with Philippines later in the year.

Hosted my first big event with Eugene for the launch of techie mag T3 at Zouk!

The first half of the year was spent co-ordinating Jamie Cullum’s concert here in Singapore. Working with Adrian, i learnt much and met alot of people who now plays prominent roles in my life.

Adrian, was not only a boss willing to teach me, he was also incredibly generous. Having just finished the Louis Vuitton flagship store launch in HongKong, he returned with a LV bag as a christmas gift last year.
holey mama christina aguilera!!!! my verrrry first LV bag okay!!!
dont laff. I very SWA KOO one okay.

Michel was someone I met in May while I was arranging for the concert’s post party to be held at SUBA, one of his joints. He also runs Hacienda at Dempsey Road and upcoming Superfamous.
This guy is one HUGE mystery i intend to solve by the end of the new year.

The concert went smoothly and i had complimentary tickets for Kenny, Miyagi and Brown. Also for Jules from Youth.sg and Aik Boon from Dewtouch who so kindly sponsored my site!

On 06/06/06 my site goes online! This is one huge milestone and something i can call my own.

Set foot on an oil rig for the first time.

Met kennysia for the first time.

Went to NDP for the first time.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

The later half of the year was more unkind.

Windosr passed away in the early hours of the day I was to sit for my driving test.
I aced it but never drove again.

Went to Albania for the first time and fed on nothing but salad, cheese and tough meat. The whole lot of us got shouted at for 3 weeks and if not for the company of the girls, i would have bought my first flight out.

Got hijacked for the first time, (hopefully the last) and on hindsight, could have been killed if the Greek fighter jets escorting us from Albania to Italy, over the Greece airspace, had shot us down since they were already given permission to take out the plane should anything happen.

Had my first encounter with frenzied media and never would i have dreamed in my mediawhore dreams that i would be in all the papers locally, overseas and even CNN, BBC!
Well, everyone has 15 minutes of fame and i have 3 days worth!

Hosted Miss Philippines, Jamie, at my house for a night after the hijack and took her to Newton hawker centre for makan and Mustafa Centre for deepavali lights and late night shopping!

Helped out in my first charity event, Make-a-Wish Children Foundation, since leaving school.
I did alot of flag raising events back then but it feels so much better now when you participated because you wanted to, not because you wanted to gain points for ECA and JC entry.
It was so inspiring and refreshing, i’m sure i’ll be doing more of that in the new year.

The year ended on a relatively sad note for me. With a slipped disc, I no longer enjoyed prancing around as much as i used to, no more pretty heels, and i’ve to live with pins and needles in my left leg.

So a toast to the new year, with good health and wisdom, surrounded by true friends and happiness, warm families and prosperities!!!!!