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Dec '06

hear ye hear ye

alright alright.
i hear you guys.

now hear me out?

Here’s an excerpt of some lines from wendy’s blog. (taken from various entries)


The reason for the childish petition stemmed from “Why are they allowed in Orchard road when they don’t contribute to the shopping centre sales” and “ban them from Orchard road”.

Thus the “ban wendy from orchard road because her dim wits don’t compliment the christmas lights” petition.

I didn’t say molestation is allowed, in fact i did applaud her for voicing it out.

When i spoke with Miss Australia during the Albanian trip, she spent millenium here in Sentosa and she was also a victim of molests.
She said she felt a finger go in and out of her during the foam party where the soap suds were up to their waists. When she turned around she saw a few dark skinned men standing behind her.
All the while when she was relating this story, she never used vulgarities or insults against them nor put them down. She only went on to describe how horrible the incident was and how scared she felt.

That was the reason why i “stuck-up-edly” told wendy to write more carefully next time.
When i helped out with teaching blogging modules in schools for www.campusmoblog.com.sg, i told the children, life is never fair and sure, you’ll want to lash out at people or things that annoy you, but tell your story without incriminating others, me thinks.

There were other things on that agenda when we filmed that day.
My first agenda was to attack wendy on those racist remarks and hers was to attack my looks and body.
And why my job status on the papers terms me as a model when i do alot of other random stuff like teaching blogging, hosting, acting and organising jamie cullum’s concert.

So naturally, we both became defensive on our end and i’m sorry if you were offended by my “oh i am so gorgeous high and mighty miss singapore globe” status but that was my only trump card standing for my lumpy pear shaped body.

Eh i really so fugly ah? Maybe i should ask mediacorp to send me for plastic surgery and do a reality makeover show hor.
*tsk tsk* that’s the closet mediawhore in me talking again.

I think nash pretty much summed up how i felt about that segment.

thanks for all your comments and i take heed.
much to learn on my end as well and please la, kenny is not fat. have you seen him naked?
i don’t really care whose side kenny or kelvin is on. i respect that they are friends of both ends.

So as this year draws to a close, i’ll have reflections to make, new directions to embark on, fresh friends and old pals, dear family ties over pineapple tarts.

ohoh and more acs boys. *wink*
okok i don’t literally mean boys, i just happen to like men with the ACSian heritage. big or small.

Dec '06

and so the story goes…

for those who are still clueless about why there’s a huge influx of insulting brainless comments on my blog, here’s the reason why.

and it all started because of this.

Let me just say that editing makes a world of difference.
30 minutes of thrash talk edited into 3 minutes.
I guess the part we filmed about racism and irresponsible blogging was too touchy for local tv.

*shrugs* if that’s the direction they’ve gotta take, i also boh pian. such is the reality of media entertainment.

i lumpy meh? tall lumpy better than short stubby right?
space between my eyes are better than empty space between the ears right?

you know you don’t have to agree with me right?

Dec '06

blasts from the past

It is rather freaky when skeletons start crawling out of the grave.
Or in my case, come tumbling out of the closet.


Scene: Raoul Paragon Time: 14th Dec 2100 Mood: Contemplative

Shopping for Christmas gifts dedicated to the most important men in my life.
Browsing through the racks of shirts, ties and cuff links, i was having mental visuals of how they would look in each outfit, but it is completely scientifically unexplainable why the clothes can’t seem to stay on them.

“Mia Yan! Mia Yan!”

Jolted from my visuals of naked men, i thought i was so far gone, i started hallucinating.
Nonono, cannot be. If i ignore it, the voices will go away.


I turned around and saw Isabelle!! Belle used to sit in front of me in Sec4 and was the maths whiz that saved my pathetic souless life through endless A Maths lessons.

It’s been 10 years since we left school!


Scene: Clarke Quay Time: 15th Dec 2300 Mood: Lost

I stopped by a restaurant to ask for directions to Forbidden City and i spoke to a waiter in a Scottish kilt.

“Hi how do i get to Forbidden City from here?”

“Oh go straight..turn left turn left again……”

I wasn’t quite listening. I was sure i saw that face before. Somewhere in the dusty corner of memory.

“Wait wait….i know you from somewhere don’t i?”

“You are Ming Yang is it?”

Oh my holly candy canes! MINGYANG! The people who call me that are waaaay back in secondary school days! And the only time i could have met boys is during tuitions so i decided to take a shot in the dark.

“Ya! We met in tuition class right?”
“Yea we met in 96, we played Daytona together before and i know you stay in town.”

I’m ashamed to say i forgot his name. BUT i did give him a contact card so i’ll be hearing from him soon!


Scene: Craig Road Time: 18th Dec 8.30pm Mood: Bewildered

I got an sms “Mia?”
I replied “U?”

Turned out it was Chris. I met Chris when i was 17 maybe? and i remember our first date, he picked me up in a merc cab and we went to Top of the Hill next to Jurong Bird Park for teppanyaki dinner.
I was bowled over naturally, i was only 17!!

Several years on, we went to see a showflat at Cairnhill the Light. He was intending to get a place of his own.

Then we were completely out of touch for another 4-5 years and he SMSed me to meet up for dinner.

As i saw him sheltering me from the rain, i remembered how cute he was. A little Jay Chou-ness.

Dinner at Chijmes and dessert at Swissotel, we talked about our lives. He’s long finished his masters, worked as an investment banker and is completing his medicine course next semester. Helping his dad out with their family hotelier business, he spoke of travels and i temporarily forgot that this boy is actually 2 years younger than me.


Scene: Dad’s Car Time: 22nd Dec 10.05am Mood: Christmas

I received an SMS.
“Mia, are you still using this number? It’s me, PK.”

Oh my freaking Santa Claus! PK! My “brother” from JC days! You know how it’s like in the USA, they are so ulu, got no telephone, no email or internet, even postal services are slow, so i never heard a pipsqueak from him ever since he left for studies 2 years ago.

Then my cousin MSN me and said Glen sent her a message on Friendtser. I went to check mine and all the hedgehogs in the world came running in! GLEN messaged me too!
Glen! The boy who had a huge crush on me in my JC days, the boy who traumatised his bunkmates for a whole month cause all he could talk about was me!
(bunkmate turned out to be my JC schoolmate who knows my birthday by heart now because Glen would recite it over and over again.)


Blasts from the past.
All before the new year.
Something’s telling me it’s time for reflection.

Dec '06

you make me wish i was 16 again

I adore ACS boys. That is no secret.
In fact, i can sniff out an AC descendent 5 continents away.

Dee, Hwee and I were hanging out at Warong Nasi Padang outside my home and i was bowled over by an acsian presence.
There was this man standing there in queue for lunch with his colleagues.
I stole a glance at him and nonchalently told the girls, “I bet he’s from ACS.”

Dee immediately saw the opportunity to make a quick buck. “$5 on the table, i’ll go and ask him!”
So we agreed to pay for her lunch and she got up to speak with that perfect creation of a man.

“Excuse me, but are you from ACS?”

Perfect Creation turned and looked shocked, thinking one of his ex girlfriends came to haunt him.

“Errrrrrr yes. Why?”

“Oh no nothing lah. My friend found you familiar. There, that one sitting over there giggling away.” , she pointed.

And he turned just in time to catch us oogling and drooling over him.

Wah lau. Saboh.

Yesterday, i was flipping through the SICC magazine and i saw another perfect creation of a man, thus proving that God must be a Goddess.

$5 that he’s from ACS too.

Dec '06

the sound of rain drops pitter pattering

i like the first few minutes of rain, the smell of the grass.

then i like the heavy downpour, the drops pelting down so hard that everything becomes a blur.

xiayu. 下雨

my sentiments exactly. cool and awashed.

Angie, Miss Malaysia just msn me to tell me she saw me on teevee last night.
Everyone else smsed me.

Feedback ranged from “It was unfair!” to “OMG what a bigot!” to “What possessed you to do that?”

But i didnt watch it. I was out with an old friend. Someone i have not met in 5 years. And i actually forgot how cute he was.

Been having these blast from the past moments recently, people that walk out of my history and pop up my name when i least expect it.

Does this mean something’s gonna shake up my life soon?



I miss the girls. Ryoko (Jap), Angie (M’sia), Jamie (Phil), Me lah (Sg), QQ (Twn) and my poor lost Biscuit.
We are the Asian Invasion!!

Dec '06

hi, my name is ariella.

I want to name my kid girl Ariella.
Thus, i used it for my first and last name of my yahoo email account.

And on friday night, Mick told me, he named one of his boats Ariella.

I didn’t quite believe him, until he sent me the script of his latest movie production, and indeed, the boat in the movie is named Ariella.

Apparently he was thinking of a name when he was going through emails and he saw my email named ariella ariella.

So, the name was borned. He promised to take me on the boat and show me pictures of her along with her name and signage.

Awww. It feels almost surreal that I was pivotal in the naming of a friend’s boat and later to be able to see it on the big screen, frozen in time and history.

Dec '06

happpeeee birthdaaay shuieee!!


okies just a quick note to wish my super best friend SHU a very happppeeee birthdaaay!
i’ve known her since we were 10 and she still never fails to remind me how our first introduction was like.

I’m super proud of her to have made it through veterinary school and is now Dr. Ng!!!

We both loved animals and wanted to be vets but is ok i can live my dreams through her.


That is a blind stray cat she saved and adopted.

Very 伟大 hor.

yup. that’s her alright.

Dec '06

the rapists


Following the intial prognosis that i might have a slipped disc, i was referred to get an MRI scan at Paragon.

After stripping down into the gowns the radiologist provided, i was asked several questions.

1. Are you pregnant?
I am PMSic. What do you think.

2. Do you have metal inside your body?
Does the haemoglobin in my red blood cells count as iron?

3. Is this your first scan?

The lady was very friendly, joked with me and explained the proceedure.
I had to lie down on a very stiff and narrow raised platform, and try not to move for the next 15 minutes.
She placed headphones over my ears, muffling out all other instructions she was telling me and all i could hear was Michael Buble.
My head was then strapped in tight and i was reminded again not to move or else they’ll have to rescan. I was also warned that there will be loud banging sounds, thus the headphones.

I nodded apprehensively. Got a little worried because she did mention not to scream or get up if i got scared but to squeeze the little “pump” call button for help.

Errrr…….what does she mean by IF i got scared.

Then the platform started moving and pushing me into the MRI machine that looked like a flight simulator.

Once i was inside, i knew what she meant by fear.
The space felt like it was enclosing in on me and i couldn’t hear anything but Buble. It brought on the feeling of drowning and i’m hydrophobic.

I shut my eyes and tried to imagine big lush forests and open meadows and blue skies and brownies and champagne and sushi and johnny depp.

Then the machine started. “EEEEEEEEEEE ORRRRRRRRRRRhhhhhhhh EEEEEEEEEE ooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhh”
It sounded like those warning signals during the government air raid exercise.

When you are in an enclosed space, STRAPPED IN and you hear warning sounds that drowns out the music in your ears, no amount of brownies and muffins is gonna hold you back!

The eeeeee orrrrrh sound then gave way to clanging and banging sound. The kind you’ll hear when your annoying neighbour decides to call in Phua Chu Kang early in the morning. Good thing about that is, you can actally wake up from it.  

*inserts more imagery of  family and friends, more cuisines and hunky men*

Toward the end of the scan, i felt the familiar sharp pain radiating down my left leg again and it got so unbearable i almost want to kick and scream! Thankfully the platform started moving again and i was allowed out into the open space of the radiology room.


After collecting my scans, i headed back to the GP who concluded that i do have a slipped disc and referred me to a specialist, an orthopedic.

Made an appointment for early next day, i went to Mount E and saw the orthopedic. He said the same thing my GP did (except he costs 4x more) and suggested surgery to be the best option. I asked if i could do some physio first, he said it’s not going to help much but if that’s what i wanted to do, he will refer me to a physiotherapist at Paragon.

So off i went to the physiotherapist with my MRI scans and diagnosis.
Mrs Ong was a gentle old lady, the kind that gets eaten in little red riding hood, and she put me on a heating machine first to warm and relax my bones before she gets down to yanking them apart.

The traction machine looked like a torture device.

Again i was strapped in at my chest and my waist. My legs were raised at 90degrees and the traction started pulling my lower half of my body from my head.
I had a taste of the ancient chinese torture methods 古代“五马分尸”的酷刑.

Except that it didn’t hurt and i felt quite relived to “crack” some aching joints.
The therapist then proceeded to give me a gentle massage and i was to return again regularly for treatment.

After i left the clinic, i realised that GUESS and GUCCI are on sale!!! 
When a Guess top equates a physio session, i’m suddenly not in much of a hurry to change my wardrobe.

But then again hor, physio and retail are both therapy what right? So i justified myself to a pair of $75 Guess jeans.


GP:                                                                                $32
MRIscan:                                                                        $540
Orthopedic:                                                                    $140
Physiotherapy (per session):                                            $75

To regain feelings in my left leg and to prance around again:  Priceless.


Dec '06

it slipped.

Remember i mentioned earlier i hurt my back after being on a trampoline for less than 10 freaking jumps?

Well it got better after i saw my sinseh but it was never perfect. I’m walking like a stilt walker who has elephant trunks as legs.

This morning i woke up with an excrutiating pain down my left leg. I’ve always had slight pain in my leg but today left me with no way to stand nor sit. Along with complete numbness down to the soles.
Rushed to the sinseh to check out what was wrong and he referred me to his GP for a jab to relax the muscles and nerves.

Headed to the GP, told him my story and he made me bend over and back, left and right, raise leg and came to a conclusion that I HAVE A SLIPPED DISC.

Booked me for a MRI scan tomorrow morning, which is good cause i want to get back to work in the afternoon.

“No, you cant go back to work. I’ll cover your MC.”

Ok good, i get a day off.

“Nope, i’m giving you the whole week off.”

Dec '06

The Break Up. almost.

For those of you who’ve been expecting to receive an invitation to the Most Happening Wedding of the Centaury, you can stop waiting.

All that talk about putting together a musical show for our wedding, well, it’s not gonna happen.

About a year and half ago, we spoke about the future and family.

I didn’t want kids at all; I just barely started to live life my way, why get bogged down with diapers, milk bottles, prams, strewn baby tees and fussing selflessly over someone else?

Kids = trouble (and then) some.

You know those government advertisements that encourage childbirth by brainwashing you what great joy kids are?
They are as believable as sanitary pad advertisements where the girls in the commercials are prancing around, happy about having their period.

And I wouldn’t want to settle down till we’ve attained a comfortable level of living.

He was hurt.

Fast forward to 2 days ago, we started talking about future and family. The possibility of having kids no longer irked me as much, though I wouldn’t say I’d embrace it.

The irony of it all is that now that I’ve conformed to his ideals, he has begun to believe mine!

We’ve swapped roles ended back at square one but almost 2 years have passed.
He’s thrown himself into work and career that he no longer sees us at the end of it.

Since he can’t promise me anything, yet still wanting the best for me, we both talked it out like we always do, analysed the situation and possible scenarios.

Until I calmly whispered, “So that’s it, I guess.”

“So we are ending it 21 days before our 4th Christmas Eve anniversary?”

That’s when I broke into tears and under the dim street lights, I could see him fighting his own.

In the end, we attributed it to my PMS.
It’s just like how you’ll contemplate suicide and think it’ll be easy. That death doesn’t really bother you, and dying would be painless.

Until you step foot onto the edge of the rooftop, it’ll hit you and you’ll realise just how very precious life is.

I feel my love renewed.

Dec '06

3 needles

I remember discussing with Kelvin over Earl Grey the first time we met and we remarked about how people nowadays regard condoms as preventive measures against pregnancy only.
And then i watched a taiwan talkshow where celebs were invited to speak and interact with studio audiences about sexual activities amongst the younger generation.

It is startling how the group, divided into young men and women have varied opinions on the practises of safe sex.

There was a question that popped up, “In the heat of passion, you discover there’s no condoms on hand. Do you continue or not?”

9 out of 10 girls said no.
Majority of the boys said it depends if the girls are willing (to take the risk).

What does this suggest? The boys will go ahead with it as long as the girl consents and is agreeable to the risks.

I would assume now that the risk they referred to was pregnancy cause it all points back to the girl.

But do the boys realise that they too are running the risk of STDs?

I wouldn’t be so concerned about pregnancy cause hey, at least it is something you can get rid off. But an STD won’t go away.

3 needles is a movie produced by a close friend of mine and is out in the theatres now. It was launched on December 1st for World Aids Day.

I’ve seen the first few edits of it almost 1.5 year ago when he first held an exclusive screening of it at his home.
The actors’ performances are great (Lucy Liu’s first role speaking Mandarin Chinese), heard she took a huge pay cut to be in the film and it won “Best Director” and “Best Cinematography” in the TORONTO FILM FESTIVAL.
A touching drama about the epidemics of AIDS, it is more relevant than ever in today’s world.

Now screening at:

Golden Village Marina
Showtimes: 11:50AM 6:50PM 9:30PM

Golden Village Vivocity
Showtimes: 10:30AM 1:40PM 9:05PM

More info: http://www.3-needles.com