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Nov '06

happeee birttthdaaay to me sia!

Alot of Sagi birthday huh!!

Kenny my darling Sia turned a year charmer on the 27th and i turned a year wrinklier on the 30th!!
I also found out over lunch couple weeks back, that my colleauge Charmaine null
shares the same birthday as me!! except that she’s 3 years late.

Had a real quiet birthday, Gene took me out for dinner after work and his friend from waaaaay back in secondary school, Dannyn, joined us for drinks.
being the sweet Sagi he is (dec 7th!) gave me my very first 26th birthday gift.
He handed me a brown envelope and said Happppeee Birthdaaay! Expecting a cute little card inside, i opened it to find……..



It’s not just the monetary value of the vouchers but the thought of it! my first gift!

And alot more other gan dong stuff.

Friends who remembered my birthday SMSed me, including Wen Biao from my Uni days and Kean from KL!

My eldest sis gave me a call in the morning from the USA just to wish me a happpeee birthdaaay and i arrived home to find a PARCEL of clothes and makeup from her!!!!!

Diana and Hwee made a surprise visit to my office at 630pm with a cake!!

I was upstairs busy with some work and the office celebration with charmaine so when i came downstairs and saw the two of them sitting sheepishly at the sofa, like WTF ARE YOU GIRLS DOOOOING HERE!!!
And then we all burst into uncontrollable laughter, giggling like perfect blondes.

And that’s how life should be like.
Surrounded by family and friends who genuinely love, appreciate and respect you for everything you are.

Happy birthday to me!!!

Nov '06

my own set of wheels

Just got home on bus 77 from Holland Road.

When i boarded, the entire bus was empty!!

It feels just like my own private limousine.

Speaking of which, i’ve always wanted a set of wheels for my birthday.

(side track abit, HAPPPPPEEEEE BIRTHDAAAAY KELVIN!!!!! the sexy devil he is.)

When i was 18, i wished i had a boyfriend who’ll give me a car as a birthday present.

When i turned 21, i didn’t even have a license yet. Nor a boyfriend.

Now i’m turning 26 in couple more days, this time with a license, I AM FINALLY GETTING A SET OF WHEELS!!

It’s gonna be MANUAL.
Manual is the way to go. With the gears change and all. Better control. Better gauge.

It will be a rear wheel drive.

It’s durable for long haul cross country.

I can use it on a track.

AND it’s a BM.

The signature Z series.


Well, at least it’s a start. BMX will graduate to a BMW soon. Soon lah.

Nov '06

say cheese!

Photos taken from the Make-a-wish children foundation.

Boh liao fiddling around with my friend’s cam.
results turned out not bad huh!




Nov '06

Crazy Taxi

I think driving around in your car for 8 hours a day must do wonders to your wisdom.
There’s time to contemplate about life, its driving force and direction, kinda like a taxi ride.

Thus, always heed the taxi driver’s advice!

Coming in to work this morning, i flagged a cab from my place and directed the driver to Neil Road.

“Ah you going there for mahjong ah?”

huh? er. i don’t know how to play mahjong and it’s abit early right? And there got mahjong meh?

“Uncle, no leh. i going there for work lah.”

“Orrrrh, go work ah? good good but don’t work too hard ok?”

Sure i’ll try not to!

“Ah you just find yourself a good man, marry him settle down then no need to work liao lah.”

He spoke almost as if a good man who can afford to support a princess is as common as the Aedes mosquito.

Bite me.

Nov '06

make a wish, make a wish

If you are thinking of Taiwan F4 Zaizai’s hit song, let me just say that I ADORE HIM!!
What is there not to love about him, you tell me?!

My closet ah lian persona has finally reared its ugly head.

Annyyyyyyywaaaaaay, the make a wish title actually refers to the “Make-a-Wish Children Foundation”

I’ve just returned from an event for the Children Foundation, helping to push photograph sales taken of the guests.
When Ben asked me to help out at the charity event, i readily agreed cause firstly, it’s for charity! Secondly, what fun!

Kelly Rowland from Destiny’s Child made a very very brief appearance and i didn’t realise til then that she was brought in by Adrian Hobbs, the fella i was working on the Jamie Cullum’s concert with.


It was very heartening to see people so forthcoming with the charity auctions and donations, especially since this is a small scale private event.

I feel that Make-a-Wish is one of the most underated charity organisations around, shrouded by all the other big players who make regular full force donation drives on our monopolised tv station.
As its name suggests, MAW literally grant wishes to children with life-threatening diseases. These heaven-sent dream makers try their darnest best to put together a perfect day for the kids to remember, granting the wildest dreams and the most basic of wishes.

Met a couple of my beautiful friends there:

Fiona who is absolutely stunning.

Tony who is simply ooooooozing with charm. He’s the first guy, who held my hand, looked me in the eye and told me that the future’s gonna be alright. Awwww.
And he can coax a laugh out of anyone, even a guy who’s had 2 fingers up the ass. ;P


So do your part for charity today!
It’s the season of giving and the spirit of human love.

I can’t put into words the feeling you’ll get when you give of yourself, material or otherwise.
I only know it puts a smile on my face for the entire day and life just seem that much easier.

Give all you’ve got and more.

Nov '06

Waiting 2006

I received a recommendation email from Youtube and was suddenly reminded of a short film i did sometime last June.

The director has uploaded a trailer video of the film that never quite made it anywhere. Presumbly coz of the fucked up DIY styling and unconvincing makeup!


(talcum powder in hair, seaweed in teeth and random lines on forehead)

I play an old woman who pines for her lover over a course of 70 years.

He was to marry a rich girl but he was in love with me and on the night he broke their arranged marriage, they both got mugged and murdered.
I didn’t get news of that so i always thought he eloped with the girl.
In the end, she appeared to me and persuaded me to give up waiting.
Then my character dies, and realises that all along, he’s been with her, waiting for her to join him.

Filming was done in a day, in a rundown room at MayFair motel (Monopoly MayFair?).

I’m not sure if it was the location, or the lighting then, but the scene where i had to cry and be agitated while telling my story, there was a gush of sadness that overwhelmed me, (even now as i type).
It felt like there was something lingering with regrets…..

See the trailer here.

Nov '06

nothing much… just that i miss them.

Nov '06

Notre Dame de Paris

I was very very very very very fortunate to be invited to the opening night of this french musical.

Even more so coz it’s a FREAKING VVIP RED CARPET EVENT!
My friend said it’s a black tie thingie so i have to be in a gown.

Problem is, i cant sit or breathe in a gown.

So i decided a nice cocktail dress would be appropriate enough. Afterall, it’s at the indoor stadium, not like it’s at the esplanade!

Boy was i wrong. There were people who did turn up in gowns! Though most were in cocktail dresses so at least i wasn’t undressed underdressed.

And i had the honour of meeting the French Ambassador and his wife, who were introduced to me by the GM of Novotel Clarke Quay. They all heard about my hijack incident so i had to relate the story all over again.

I thought i was gonna be bored since it’s all gonna be greek french to me but THE MUSICAL IS SOOOO VERY VERY GOOD!

I have to admit, i knew nothing about the story of Notre Dame other than having visited the church itself, know it’s a disney cartoon adapted from a classic by Victor Hugo and it has a man looking like an armadillo.

Little did i know that a disney cartoon can also be about lust and LOTS OF LUST! It drives grown men crazy enough to plot and scheme and betray each other.

There’s Esmeralda, a gypsy woman, free spirited of song and dance. I don’t know what’s so amazing about her, since gypsies are supposed to be mysterious wanderers, dressed shabby and eccentrically talking to apparitions.

Yet she’s pursued by, not one, not two not even three but FIVE MEN.
That’s 5x more than what this pageant queen has!

There’s the childhood friend who grew up with her. He seems like a good candidate since they are both shabby.

Then there’s the poet who wants to make her his muse. This is cool cause then she’ll be the leading actress in every one of his play.

A militia captain. Who doesn’t love a man in uniform, you tell me?

The priest. THE PRIEST. Now. This is every woman’s dream. Other than turning a gay man straight, to turn a man of cloth, she must be the devil in disguise, or simply heavenly.

And the armadillo, who’s ugly, out of shape, outcast, King of fools and shabby, but since God is fair, he’s all good inside.

So the stage is set, the story unfolds, the characters were introduced individually in their segments. Every guy wants her for themselves, nobody wants the pretty, well-to-do, high society Fleur-De-Lys.

Why ah?

Is it because bad girls have all the fun?

I also want to be bad leh.