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Sep '06

i miss home

please let me go home.

it’s 2am here in Saranda, South Albania.

After a full day of rehearsals, they brought us to partee, (YET AGAIN) from 11pm til now. Rehearsals start tomorrow at 9am.

I am not happy here.

nope. not one bit.

the crew is rude, expects us to listen but never listens to us. made to wake up early and sit and wait in the lobby for hours.
food is salad soup meat chop/pasta cheese. and it repeats itself everyday, 2 meals a day for 3 weeks.
No shopping, no souvenirs, sorry people if u were expecting gifts. zilch.
I’ve been made to party no less than 10 times since we got here. It is insane. I am tired. worn out.

i cant smile.

there’s no reason to smile.

please. just let me go home.

i’ve never missed home so much. my parents nagging, Gene’s bragging, girlfriend’s bitching.

im crying here alone in the business centre as i write this. fuck the mascara. the pageant is in 2 days.

everyday i count down to the day i can bid farewell.

Im coming home soon!



Sep '06

I’m leaving on Turkish Air

There’s been some last minute changes to my flight so i’m flying off wednesday night (instead of scheduled fri) 13th sept 11pm to Albania for Miss Globe Int’l pageant.
yes yes another one of them world peace waving blowing kisses thing.

where’s albania you-who-fall-asleep-in-geography-class ask?

i don’t blame you. i had no idea where estonia was when i first met Ms Estonia at the airport.

Before you call me a pageant addict, let me just say that it’s not as easy as it seem on teevee.
And i do love being an ambassador for Singapore.

I hope the girls i meet this time around are as sincere and lovely as those i’ve met in Wuhan.

I’ve had the privilege of loaning two dresses from Astonii, Jackie who owns the place, brings in branded clothes from Milan and Hongkong, sometimes even way before their season.
So if you are keen to see some of the clothes, head down to Novena, United Square #B1-63A

These last couple weeks haven’t been kind to me, and i seem to have lost my zest and bubbles. I didn’t know how bad it was till friends are telling me they are affected by it.
Hopefully this trip will put the spring back in my steps and the chirp back in my voice.

All my bags half packed, i dont want to go.
I’m sitting here in front of my comp.
I hate to nudge you just to say good bye.

But the bulletin is flooded and
The blog site is never read
Already i’ve run out of words to write.

So miss me and smile for me
Spend your everyday wisely
I’ll be home in 3 weeks
You shall see.

Coz i’m leaving on Turkish Air
12 boring hours and transit there.
Oh sian, i hate to fly.

Sep '06

Windsor passed, I passed too.

Windsor had an important mission even before he was brought into our home.
He was too young to even know it then and it was unfair of us to place such a burden on him but his doeful eyes were the only thing that could work magic to get him out of trouble.

There’s this set of rosewood furniture in our living room that has been with us for 30 years and i’ve never spent anything more than 30 minutes on them each day. It was so hard, rigid and my sisters and i all longed for the modern soft lounging SOFA.

See, his mission was to chew through the legs of these rosewood chairs during his teething stage so we can get a new set of sofa!

Today, the furniture still sits in our living room, but he’s no longer with us.

Windsor, our family’s 1st dog, passed away 230am, 8th Sept 2006, early this morning.


When my sis selected him from a litter of puppies, she made sure she saw kindness in his eyes before pronouncing him a member of our family.

The day when they went to fetch him, the breeder told them he had accidentally fell into the pool and nearly drowned that morning had his mom not woken everyone with her barking.

From then onwards, he hated baths and stayed safe on shore, away from sea waves.

I remember coming home from GP tuition class in 97 and as i entered the door, i thought i saw a new black fur rug on the living room floor.
He was so pitch black and laid himself flat out like he owned the entire room.

So the house was abuzz with the excitement of a new puppy, toilet training to basic commands. He was a quick learner, recognising his corner, the newspaper and getting easily bored with his toys.

The rosewood furniture was spared but our ratten dining table legs still bears the scars of his teeth marks and the lower rung knobs of our kitchen drawers are all gnawed splinters.



We always say Greed is his choice of sin and indeed it is.

For his first birthday, we bought him a birthday cake and had a candle on it. In the midst of the birthday song, he couldn’t wait any longer and lounged forward to sink his teeth into the sponge cake.

Almost instantenously he pulls back and we smell burning hair!

Chinese New Year is his favorite time of the year. There’ll be strange visitors to bark yet and the rate of table food “accidentally” dropping seemed alot higher.

We were seeing our relatives to the door and out to the gate. When we returned to the living room, the plates of new year goodies were on the floor!
The Kueh Lapis was relished, no traces of Bak Gua was left and half a pineapple tart saved.


Once, we were watching teevee and were wondering why the rascal has been oddly quiet most part of the night. My sis found him in a corner chewing on something.
She pryed his mouth open and tried to fish out the foreign object.
The offending piece of meat, turned out to be one half of a chewed lizard. Needless to say, we never found the other half.


I taught him how to “shake hands”. I spent a good 45 minutes locking myself in the kitchen with half a bag of Begging Strips Bacon, repeating at least 100 times “Shake hand goood boy! Shake hand……GOOOD BOY!” whilst lifting his front paws.

Thought i almost drove myself and my sis insane with the repetition but HEY HEY HEY whadddyaaa know, i’ve a natural flair for dog training too!

Windz loved scampering up the stairs to my parents room and sleep with them. Every night, despite my parents feigned anger “what are you doing up here?!”, he’ll show up without fail at their door and have a cheeky smile that seem to say “To sleep with you guys, what else?”

There’s nothing more he hates than well, every other thing that moves. From cats to birds and even the passing motorcycle.
And there’s nothing more he loves than eggs, bak kut and char siew pau.


We always knew he misses us, even though he pretends not to bother when we say bye. Especially when we forget to leave a light on for him when we leave him alone at home. Our neighbour would tell us, he’ll be whining and pacing up and down the kitchen and back yard til she has to call out his name and calm him down.

Just how much he’d miss us, we didn’t know until some time late last year when all of us were overseas. Mum dad in the states with my eldest sis, my 2nd sis was in china filming and i was also in china for pageant, so we got our uncle to stay over and look after him for couple of days.
He refused food and sulked all day. Separation anxiety that poor chap.

The whole house feels weird now.
There’s no movement on the floor. No one to finish the scrap food.
No barking doorbell. No one to come home to.

Now we are the ones suffering from seperation anxiety.


Oh, and i passed my driving test today. Got my license!
More about it another time.
Gotta pack my bag.

Sep '06

I’m so sorry, Steve


On Sunday night, me and gene were feasting on late night supper of maggi goreng and nasi ayam. There was absoluetly nothing good on teevee in the wee hours of early monday morning, so i was channel surfing and ended up on one of my favorite channels, Animal Planet.

I figured if i can’t host for Discovery Travel, Animal planet would be 2nd best.

Steve Irwin was “fooling around” with a black colored, supposedly very venomous, snake.

“I cant stand him leh. The way he speaks is so annoying and his exaggerated facial expressions is so fake. Sometimes i don’t know if he’s really afraid of the animal or just mock fear. Buay tahan. Like no respect for these living fossils.
I hope he kena bitten jia lat jia lat someday.”

That was what i said in jest.

And the very next day, Steve Irwin died from a sting-ray barb that pierced its toxin filled tail through his heart.

I’m so sorry. I didn’t think it would be that jia lat.

Sep '06

The story of Chang-er


In true spirit of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, one of my favorite TV spooks, i make up stories along the way about certain facts of life and try to pull the wool over my friends’ eyes.

One of the following stories is true, the rest are made up by me lah.


Story #1:

Long before our time, in the far province of Thailand, there lived a wilful princess. Her name was CHANG.
She had a blessed life in the palace, got everything she demanded and was rude to everyone.
The common folks despised her for there was once she held a man captive to serve her, regardless of his pleading wife and children.

So, they approached a divine master to cast a strong spell on this princess. It was a complicated ritual as the royal family themselves, were said to be protected by the heavens.

However, the stars were on their side, and the wilful princess Chang was transformed to a huge, lumbering elephant.

To this day, the Thai people still rememeber this story by having their national beer named after the wilful princess.



Story #2:

Long before our time, in some province of China, there lived a wilful king. He was as arrogant as any king should be. Believing he ruled the earth, conquered the seas and owned the skies, he wanted to live forever.

So he sent his scientists and pharmacists to research on an immortality medicine.

News of this eminent project spread far and wide, casuing much fear amongst the plebians.

If the tyrant king lived forever, then everyone would suffer!

At this time, the King’s wife, Changer, was a beautiful and compassionate lady. She knew it would be living hell for the people should the King live forever!

One sunny day, an official ran to the King shouting that an elixir is produced and the King demanded to consume it that night.

Chang Er, overhearing this, planned to steal the elixir before it can be presented to the King.

After sundown, she sneaked into the imperial medicinal hall and searched frantically for the pill. Just as she found it, the officials entered the hall so she quickly swallowed it.

The King was very angry when he found out and ordered Chang Er to be killed. She ran as fast as she could and suddenly, she couldn’t feel the ground anymore! 

She started floating towards the sky and the full moon!

In this modern day, we still remember Chang Er and her brave deed during the mid autumn night’s dream, chomping down on our mooncakes.



Story #3

Long before our time, in the only province of Lithuania, there lived 3 girls.

Chang, Chang-er and Chang-est

Chang-er, not happy with being 2nd best nor 2nd last, lived in complete misery. Everyday she wished she could get away and not be compared with her other sisters.

So she called the FedEx guy and had herself shipped to Siberia with a budgie in the crate for company, where she can live in total isolation and be the best there ever will be.


The End.